James Storm Wrestling During Injury

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Although James Storm suffered a concussion during the Impact Wrestling tapings on October 26th, he still has been wrestling in a quick singles match on Thursday defeating Gunner, and Magnus in singles match Friday/Saturday . The Tennessee Cowboy, however, wrestled two lengthy matches prior to being diagnosed with the concussion.

On Friday he posted<a href=”>tweeted</a> a message about his current status.

Thanks to all the fans that came out last night to mt pleasant. The concussion has me side lined by dr’s orders and Tna is taking it very serious. Doesn’t stop me from doing a little “last call” action. Another check up Monday afternoon at the hospital if fans want to come by and drive the nurses crazy.


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  • VJ

    Yeah i’m sure all 2 of his fans will really drive the nurses crazy. He’s an idiot for wrestling against doctors orders and TNA is stupid for allowing or forcing him to do so.


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