WWE Interested in Top TNA Talents?, Details

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Recent online reports have suggested that WWE is interested in signing several talents from TNA once their contracts with the company expire. Here is a breakdown of the rumored names and if WWE is interested:

* Rob Van Dam – WWE is interested in bringing him back.

* Matt Morgan – WWE was interested in Morgan last year but he chose to stick with TNA.

* Bully Ray – WWE has shown some interest in the former Tag Team Champion. No word yet if they’re interested in bringing Ray back with Devon as Team 3D.

* The Pope – Officials were interested early last year when he was being pushed but not so much anymore.

* Samoa Joe – There is no interest from WWE.

* Ink Inc. – There may be some interest in bringing back Shannon Moore down the road but Jesse Neal is viewed as a developmental prospect at best.

* James Storm and Robert Roode – WWE had interest last year in bringing Beer Money in as a tag team but word is that they’re not interested in bringing the former TNA Tag Team Champions in as singles wrestlers.

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  • Adam Clark52

    any of these guys, aside from RVD, would be stupid to go anywhere near the WWE.

  • Bretthd

    The worst part of that is wwe having no interest in Joe. Especially when you consider that he is all around the most talented guy on that list. Whether it be in the ring or on a mic, Joe is a total package that could slide right into the wwe as a main event level guy and would go over huge with fans whether as a face or heel. This is just another example of just how far out of touch with talent and their fans, the wwe brass really is… And aside from Punk, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


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