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    WWE on Why Fans Cheer for John Cena and Why They Chant Cena Sucks

    Posted by on January 15, 2012 at 11:31 am with one comment

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    - WWE’s website has a two-part article up asking why do fans cheer for John Cena and why do they chant that he sucks.

    Here are a few reasons they list on why fans cheer Cena:

    * He follows his own mantra
    * He’s an inspiration
    * He thinks of the children
    * He likes Zack Ryder and he isn’t The Rock

    It appears they have disabled the article on why fans chant Cena sucks but here are a few of the reasons they had listed:

    * You’re tired of his shtick
    * He’s Hulk Hogan all over again
    * You think he can’t wrestle
    * He hogs the spotlight

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    • JoeyEd75

      I hope Kane beats the holy hell out of John Cena!!!!!!!!!!!!


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