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    WWE Officials Negative On Rey Mysterio, Rating For Monday’s RAW

    Posted by on February 23, 2012 at 9:50 am with 2 comments

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    - Following Rey Mysterio’s visit backstage at last week’s RAW in San Diego, California, any mention of his name to WWE brass reportedly resulted in a very negative speech. There has been underlying friction on management’s part due to tough contract negotiations and not returning from injuries as early as they’d like. Also, some feel because of his small stature, he’s lucky to be employed to WWE.

    - The February 20 RAW Supershow garnered a 3.24 cable rating, up from 2.99 the week before. The February 6 show drew a 3.25.

    RAW averaged 4.63 million viewers, nearly identical to an average of 4.62 million on Feb. 6. The program averaged 4.66 million viewers in the first hour and declined to 4.59 million in the second.

    Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • What1814

      Theyre lucky  to have Rey  have they seen theyre  roster

    • XKon

      Can’t say I blame the company in this instance. Seems like Rey is always hurt, then when we hear an announcement of him returning, it’s immediately followed up by him crying over a contract issue. I would say by now, his luck is about to run out.


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