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    Full Details on WWE’s New “RAWactive” Social Media Features – Twitter, Shazam and More

    Posted by on July 10, 2012 at 9:57 am with 18 comments

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    - As noted before, WWE will be introducing new “RAWactive” features for fans to become involved with when RAW goes three-hours beginning July 23rd with the 1,000th episode. Fans will be able to influence the show through social media. Here are the details, courtesy of WWE:

    Twitter – As a part of the RAWactive experience, you can cast votes and impact the show by tweeting speciifc hashtags. For example, during Raw, we might ask you to tweet #cagematch, #streetfight or #2outof3falls to determine the stipulation of a match. We may also solicit your opinions about the action, and display the best comments on-screen during the show! Just keep it to 140 characters or less, and your voice will be heard!

    Tout – During Raw, record and send 15-second video messages directly to WWE’s Superstars using Tout, a free videosharing site and mobile app. Using your phone or tablet’s video camera, or your computer’s Web cam, record yourself, then click “Submit.” Who knows — the Superstars may respond, or your video might even make it into the broadcast!

    Shazam – Open this free smartphone app whenever the “Shazam Now” logo appears on Raw. Click the “Touch to Shazam” button, and Shazam’s “listening” technology will unlock bonus content on your phone featuring your favorite Superstars and Divas, including exclusive video playlists, photo galleries and official WWE theme music.

    Instagram – Show off your fan signs to the world via Instagram, a free app that enables you to snap photos of your works of art and share them with the Universe. And make sure to follow WWE on Instagram, too, to see exclusive photos taken by your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas.

    Facebook – See the latest news and highlights from inside and outside the ring at WWE’s official Facebook page, where you can “Like,” comment, and vote on polls and posts.

    YouTube – Subscribe to WWE on YouTube, and enjoy highlights from Raw and SmackDown, and weekly original webisodes featuring your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas.

    Google+ – Join our outpost on Google+ for the latest highlights and features from, and connect with other WWE fans in video chat “Hangouts” to discuss WWE highlights and original Web series.

    GetGlue – Get stuck on WWE at GetGlue, the social network for entertainment. Check in during your favorite WWE programs and share what you’re watching with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, earn special sticker rewards for check-ins.

    Pinterest – At Pinterest we’re sharing all things WWE, including your favorite WWE photos and highlights, all posted to our customized “pinboards.”

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    • alexis

      Ryback would of had the brench press competion if mark henry was not a sore loser

    • Alexis

      How many think cm punk has somthing to do with brad maddox and the sheild just so he can keep the wwe championship tittle

    • alexis

      i agree quit demanding respect and u will defenitly regert becoming wwe champion because like the other comment said what comes around goes around and it will all come crashing down and u better whact your back because ryback will get u but u never know when he will pop up so whact your back 24/7 and dolph and vickie shut up with the scandle and for u dolph iwas at the cape episode and if u showed up i bet every body who showed up at cape mr. money in the bank would have booed you out of the arena has fast as u entered it show u and cm punk shut the heck up and drop the act please cause every who is whacting the show now would proble say the same thing and john cena my favortie superstar get better soon and go kick dolph butt in the ring

    • alexis

      quit demand respect and listing to you speak right makes me sick and get out and quit cheating you will regert becoming wwe champion cause what goes around comes around when you least expect it when have an up it will turn around and go down hill from there and like ryback said FEED ME MORE and john cena will beat u any time anywhere he will beat your butt know matter what so gt

    • alexis

      hey sweet commet cm punk needs to stop screwing john cena and ryback at suriver series GET OUT AND SHUT UP CM PUNK AND QUIT COMMANDING CM PUNK

    • alexis

      Go CenaandRyback go and beat the crap out of cm punk and the refree who fought ryback needs no job in the wwe anymore GOOD LUCK CM PUNK NOT REALLY AND PAUL HYMAN SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF THE WWE BUSSINES AND GO MANGER BROCK LESSER AND FOR YOU LESSER GO BACK TO THE MMA FIGHTING

    • alexis

      bard madoxx completely ment to get involed in the macht

    • alexis

      my dad said they should have a macht with cm punk and ryback of coruse ryback would aneilate cm punk

    • alexis

      i like the way ryback is undefated

    • http://yahoo luke

      yes ryback is

    • alexis

      ryback is pure muscle

    • http://yahoo luke

      Ryback is AWSOME!!!!!

    • alexis

      whats with the robe damie

    • alexis

      shumus is going to kick damon sandows but bad

    • alexis

      john cena really big fan i was cape when u guys were there cm punk shouldn took your credit for taking out the big show

    • alexis

      Shmus: Do u think kane and daniel bryan should stop acting like childern and do what dr sheldon is telling them to do. John cena i liked the pipe u took to cm punk he had what was coming to him

    • alexis

      Shmus: Do u think kane and daniel bryan should stop acting like childern and do what dr sheldon is telling them to do and john cena i liked the pipe u took to cm punk he had what was coming to him

    • http://yahoo alexis

      Shemus do u think u or big show will but do u think u could win against the big show without the brought kick


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