Kane Accidentally Bleeds on Raw, Lashley Attends Show

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– Former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley indicated on his Twitter account that he attended Monday’s duel Raw SuperShow and SmackDown event in Denver, Colorado. He tweeted two hours before the show, “Heading to the shows in Denver tonight!”

Lashley, who parted ways with WWE in 2008 and moved to the world of mixed martial arts, announced last week that he is hitting the wrestling circuit gain and accepting offers for upcoming events, autograph signings and other appearances via

– The July 7, 2012 episode of A.M. Raw garnered a 0.33 cable rating, with 383,000 viewers.

– Kane bled under his mask on Monday’s Raw SuperShow after receiving an errant strike during the tag team match against Big Show and Chris Jericho. The mishap was not serious and he was able to finish the bout.

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  • john michael

    Even JIm Ross is “extremely impressed” with Kane’s work hope that brings light on this situtation

  • john michael

    The Tag Team Match with Cena and Kane vs JeriShow was a some what good match. One compliant was Kane had a feud with Cena 5 months ago about hating Cena and now looking like great partners inside the ring. Are you kidding me, Kane is a masked monster he has been awesome with his mic skills, in-ring abilitys, and persona now better than ever. WWE pisses me off of how to treat a monster he needs a title around his waist one more time and needs to destroy everyone in his path. I think because of PGness in the company. Stop watering down his character. Only thing that impresses me is that I see him every week it shows WWE has a future HoF in thier midst. Hope they make him more destructive by the 1000th episode of Raw. Come on WWE make a destructive Kane by July 23.


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