Title Match Scheduled for SummerSlam PPV Called Off

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Playing up to WWE storylines, Sheamus vs. Del Rio for the World Title at Summerslam next Sunday has been cancelled according to Smackdown GM Booker T.

WWE released a backstage interview with Booker T, who cancelled the Summerslam match. This was in response to Del Rio pre-empting the title match between Sheamus and Del Rio on Smackdown.

Booker’s proclamation sets up developments on next week’s WWE TV to either replace the PPV title match or have Del Rio force Booker to re-instate the match during the final Summerslam hype.

Plans to Have Orton Thrown Into the World Title Match….

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  • Taryn

    I don’t find Sheamus boring, I find ADR boring. He comes out and says the same things EVERY SINGLE show. “It’s my destiny! I demand a title match! Sheamus is a hooligan!”

    Sheamus can fight, ADR is just getting old. I hope ADR gets out of the title scene.

    And my family thinks that Sheamus should lose his title and team up with Wade Barrett to get the tag team division running again…Can’t wait to see where they’re going to shove Barrett. (Highly doubt it going to have anything to do with putting him on Sheamus’ side.)

    Sheamus can do whatever the hell he wants, ADR needs to get his ass away from the title. I hope that match doesn’t happen.

  • Chicken

    I HATE Sheamus

  • Keiz Ali

    Orton x Barrett x Del Rio x Shameus

  • Nick

    It’s clear del rio will get the shot but also randy orton will get thrown in to make it triple threat. The Ziggler will cash in and win over the champion straight after the match

  • sheamus sucks

    Sheamus and del Rio are terribly boring, the sooner they’re both out of the title picture the better

  • http://bleacherreport terilynn

    How do you get bored of Sheamus? Because je actually dont cheat and he uses his own strength??!!!

  • Alex

    good- adr + sheamus makes for a very boring title match.


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