Ryback Working Longer Live Event Matches, Bellas on MTV, More

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- The band Coheed & Cambria will release their next album on October 9th. “The Afterman: Ascension” will feature the official WWE NXT theme song “Welcome Home.”

- Speaking of WWE theme songs, one of the new WWE RAW theme songs is “Energy” by the band Shinedown. It’s available on iTunes.

- The episode of MTV’s Ridiculousness with former WWE Divas The Bella Twins will air on October 8th. The episode was taped earlier this year when Nikki Bella was the WWE Divas Champion and she does appear on the show with the belt.

- While Ryback is still doing squash matches on WWE TV, officials are having him work 10-15 minute matches at live events so he can polish up on his in-ring skills.

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