Batista Takes a Shot at Miz?, JR Speaks, Vince Appears

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– caught up with Jim Ross after his special night at RAW. Ross said if he could smile he would have been wearing a big one from ear to ear. Ross talked about how he loves what he does and is still a fan. Ross added that he may have lost his smile but his heart stayed in strong and his passion never left. Ross looks at his return as two blessings – Jerry Lawler is still with us and he gets to work alongside Michael Cole.

– Matt Striker has been conducting WWE app exclusive interviews during RAW each week and last night’s show featured a special surprise interview from Vince McMahon.

– We noted yesterday that Batista spoke with about his upcoming MMA debut. It sounds like Batista is not a fan of WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz as he told that he doesn’t watch much WWE these days because it’s all “Real World kids who are more concerned with how their hair looks and how much baby oil they have on.”

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  • Johnny Fever

    Sounds like Batista is jealous that those Real World kids with too much baby oil have more talent in their pinky than he has in his entire body. After this comment, I hope he flat out gets destroyed when he steps in for his first real fight. Let’s hope he’s forced to retire from all competition afterwards. What a jackass.


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