Cena’s HIAC Status Unknown, Clay and Truth Teaming?, Rock

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– The Rock is working on Fast 6 in the United States this week.

– As noted before, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have split up on good terms to pursue singles careers. The segment with Truth and Brodus Clay on last night’s RAW was done because they’re considering a tag team with the two. Before this weekend, they were looking at changing Clay’s Funkasaurus gimmick altogether.

– Word from last night’s RAW is that they still don’t know if John Cena will be able to perform at Hell In a Cell. WWE did the angle last night where CM Punk has a week to decide on facing Ryback or Cena because they will know for sure by next Monday if Cena can wrestle or not. Obviously Ryback is the back-up plan but it will be interesting to see how they handle that match.

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