Joey Styles Says Hes Proud to Be a Heyman Guy

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Joey Styles posted a lengthy blog on Facebook explaining why he’s the proudest “Paul Heyman Guy.” The Vice President of Digital Media Content for credits Heyman for seeing potential in him that no one else did.

“Put simply, Paul Heyman was the only one in professional wrestling to have seen enough potential in me to even give me an audition. He didn’t even bother asking permission of his boss, ECW Owner Tod Gordon (who ended up asking me who the hell I was and what I was doing in his locker room while catching me in my underwear changing into my suit),” Styles writes. “Regardless of that humiliating incident that was the reason I switched from “tightie whities” to boxer briefs, three months later, when Paul became the Creative Director and Executive Producer (we used the term Booker back then because there was an actual book of upcoming wrestling cards that was constantly updated), the first thing he did was make me “The Voice of ECW.”

“That’s right, Paul started his dream career as a professional wrestling Booker with the entire industry watching him and most people routing for him to fail by letting an unknown 21 year old announcer host his weekly television show.”

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