Backstage News on Brad Maddox, Post-Attack Update on Regal, Maryse

Headline posted by on November 13, 2012 at 9:30 am

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- Former WWE Diva Maryse noted on Twitter that she just found out she will be on a Playboy cover in Spain soon.

- WWE’s storyline update on William Regal after he was attacked by Big Show on last night’s RAW is that he likely suffered a broken jaw and concussion.

- Sources say we haven’t seen the last of Brad Maddox after Ryback destroyed him on last night’s RAW and sent him away in an ambulance. Maddox will be off WWE TV for a while to sell the beatdown but he has a big fan in Triple H so he will be getting a new role in early 2013.

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Partial source: PWInsider

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