Love/Hate 1/12/13 Special Edition

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This is a special Love/Hate column for The January 7, 2013 RAW. Follow me @Bow2TheKing6 on Twitter for feedback.

Love: The pay per view quality match, that Dolph Ziggler and John Cena provided in the opening contest of the show. This was one of the better RAW matches I recall John Cena having. There were several great false finishes, that had even the most jaded of wrestling fan wonder if “Ziggy” was gonna get the big win over WWE’s favorite son.

Hate: That John Cena, continues to be unstoppable. This match could have been a HUGE stepping stone for Dolph. Instead of letting Dolph, get a cheap win or even an interference victory by Big E, they have Cena charge right thru all outside interference, and pin Dolph, 1,2,3 in the middle of the ring.

Love: Once again, the way WWE is showcasing Antonio Cesaro. This is the most seasoned and ready to go rookie, this side of Kurt Angle in 1999. By the way the dude is a legit badass, who has been competing with a broken hand and torn ligaments for well over a month now. I’m hoping, they find him a worthy wrestlemania opponent, that can elevate both men up the card.

Hate: That Cesaro’s longtime partner in the King Of Wrestling (Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero) isn’t on the main roster yet. Hero has been ready to be on the main WWE roster, for about 5 years now. The way Hero was promoted on C.M. Punk’s DVD, you would think that would be more than enough to get him on WWE TV.

Love: The promo C.M. Punk delivered, this was Punk at his finest. Thought provoking, heat getting brilliance on the mic. This is the opportunity Punk needs. He is a product of the Attitude era. Punk grew up watching The Rock, whether or not he’ll admit it, this is a dream come true. This feud will motivate Punk, the way Cena,Ryback,Del Rio or anyone else, on the current WWE roster can’t do. This will really determine what Punk’s role will be after he drops the title. If Punk can make the right impression on WWE fans, he will be a made man that will prosper, regardless if he is carrying the title or not.

Hate: The Rock’s promo aimed at C.M. Punk. This seemed to be a rerun of the promos The Rock was delivering to John Cena last year. C.M. Punk and C.M. Punk fans aren’t Cena like by any means. The corny nature of talks of candy bars and scrotums, just falls short against a real life EVIL VILLAIN. To anger C.M. Punk, or C.M. Punk’s fans, you need to have a little mire substance, than chants and nursery rhymes. This was very evident, when The Rock’s chant alongs were barely answered by the fans. The Rock better step his game WAY UP, because right now he has, for the 2nd year in a row been outshined by a “WWE full timer”.

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