WWE Offers a New Contract to Brock Lesnar

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– WWE officials have offered Brock Lesnar a new contract. They want him locked in for another year before WrestleMania. It’s believed the new deal is similar to the deal he signed last year – several million dollars, a few major pay-per-view events and the TV shows building up to those events.

Lesnar has not signed the deal and probably won’t sign any time soon because that’s how he operates, likely negotiating until the end. Some within WWE are under the impression that he’s in the creative plans for after WrestleMania 29.

Regarding a potential Lesnar vs. The Undertaker match, a source noted that Taker is really hurting bad and since Lesnar works a very physical style, officials are very leery of ever doing that match.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • boszkd2

    No way keep Brock out. What let him win then when he loses he quits, nope don’t waste the money..

  • bornayankee

    A complete waste of time n money!!!

  • Fatz

    I like that. Lesner,Punk,The Shield & Heyman. Throw in Barrett to work with them while Lesner is gone. That’s a mean crew. NWO and Four Horsemen type level if worked right. Then WWE can bring back War Games.

  • Fatz

    I like that. Lesner,Punk,The Shield and Heyman. Throw in Barrett to work with the others while Lesner gone. That’s a super crew. If played right could go down with NWO and four horsemen as one of greatest. Then that open the door for the Wwe to do what i hope they do…..bring back War Games.

  • Biz

    Agree with mbchawk. Lesnar was 100% wasted last time, why bother again? It just takes away from the focus of pushing guys who are on more than 5 RAWs and 3 PPV’s

  • mbchawk

    Why? They misused him last time and it was a complete waste


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