John Cena Was Unsure If He Was Working WrestleMania This Year

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John Cena revealed in a recent interview with Times-Picayune that he wasn’t sure that he would be involved in this year’s WrestleMania event.

“Had you asked me three months ago would I even be involved in WrestleMania, the answer was probably no,” said Cena. “So I literally just had to, uh, stop being a boo-boo face, you know? [I had to] get off my horse of pouting and get back in the mix, and that’s just what I did… There is nobody more excited than me because very rarely do you get that first chance, you almost never get that second chance. So, I’m very happy to be there.”

Here is footage from the said interview with John Cena.

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  • Barry Barber

    Who does John Cena think he is fooling. There is no way no how that Cena was not going to be a part of Wrestlemania


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