CM Punk Talks About Putting Pressure on Himself, Undertaker’s Streak Ending, More

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IGN recently interviewed WWE Superstar CM Punk. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If it’s possible to have a match with Undertaker these days without a strong chance of the streak ending: “I mean, does anybody really think they have to break the streak? It’s one of those things. The streak is this monumental thing and I think everybody has these feelings of not wanting to see it broken, so therefore it should never be broken. But once that bell rings I don’t have a boss and nobody can tell me what to do. The guy who beats the streak is gonna go down as a legend. If I broke the streak, I’d be a legend. So it’s up to me to do everything I can to break it.”

The amount of pressure he puts on himself: “I expect the best from myself, no more no less. I don’t know what anybody else expects from this match given [Undertaker’s] year away from the ring and possibly his physical condition. Or the fact that I don’t have a Hell in a Cell or all these different kinds of stipulations, like No Disqualification, to work with. But I like it when they handcuff me.”

“I always seem to find a way to make it the best that it can be, given the circumstances. I don’t think I can look at it like ‘Oh, this has to be better than other matches Undertaker’s done.’ To me this match is going to be what it has to be. It’s part of a story, you know. So I don’t look at those other matches. It’s really a different beast. I’m making him angry. It’s not just ‘I’m going to break your streak.’ I’m trying to piss the guy off and I want him to try and kill me. So it’s a completely different animal than the last couple matches he’s had at ‘Mania.”

If Undertaker is his dream Wrestlemania opponent: “You know, probably not. To be honest. I mean, I probably would have said, hell, at this point, John Cena. You know what I mean? Or, of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s always been my answer to that question over the last two years.”

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    Punk,your match at wm29 agaiNst undertaker brings legitimacy for why you were screwed of title. Screw the title, breaking the streak is legendary and you will go down as one. BTW, i know that you have beaten the undertaker b4 and now that the urn has been spilled, nothing left of it, how can undertaker draw strength from nothing???! If undertaker can draw strenth , the URN THING ALL ALONG WAS SHAMELESS FILL IN MATERIAL AND ONCE AGAIN WWE UNIVERSE waS PLAYED FOR FOOLS!!!!!!

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