Kevin Nash Offers TNA Advice, Mickie & Magnus Appearance, Tito Note

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– Mickie James and Magnus appeared on WTKR CBS 3 in Norfolk this morning to promote tonight’s Impact Wrestling. Here is a photo from the appearance.

Mickie James and Magnus Appear on WTKR CBS 3

– Tito Ortiz mentioned on Twitter that he is Norfolk Virginia, the site of Tonight’s HardCORE Justice event.

– As noted earlier, Kevin Nash took a shot at TNA on his Twitter account. Nash later offered the company some advice, “TNA has great talent just no direction. Let Jeff Jarrett become part of the process and watch the numbers. Putting UFC guys in TNA makes less sense then putting TNA guys in UFC”

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  • Dave Chucky

    Nash had got a brain. He makes obvious sense. But what he may not realize is that Dixie has got no choice. The company is not under her control, she has to do what the guys on top say. She is simply a manager of sorts who may have to answer to her bosses.


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