TNA Fires Brooke Hogan

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Brooke Hogan has been released from TNA Wrestling according to a report by

No other details are available at the moment but according to the report, they received several confirmations that Brooke Hogan was fired by the company.

The story was actually going around the WWE roster on Thursday but it wasn’t until today that the story could be confirmed.

Backstage News on Why Brooke Hogan was Fired….

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  • Orton

    Brooke is one of the last people that would get fired. So I guess that means TNA is on the verge. But this the prob with tna. It’s like having wwe suddenly fire brock, then have punk face someone else. Then Vince suddenly vanishes from tv for 3 months and returns as a baby face. Then hhh challenges undertaker again, but at mania another opponent comes out and nobody makes mention of it. Then Steph suddenly becomes the raw Gm, but the week after she comes out as a new wrestler. Then Cena comes out and tells everyone next week he is going to face anyone for shot at his title, but next week, he is given the night of and they follow that as the main storyline. Sound utterly bizarre, well Tna is just a fraction of this. Now you get it.


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