Anonymous Letter from a Top WWE Star Tells Internet Fans to Relax

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– reports that a top WWE Superstar, who asked to remain anonymous, asked them to print the following letter in this week’s newsletter:

“Internet is so funny. You all read the sites so you all should know the ‘plans’ for Mania. None of those plans have Bryan in a title match so the internet exploding at the end of the show is beyond laughable. Plus dont hate on Rey, he didn’t book himself as #30. The way most of you were acting the company should have called an audible and put Brooklyn Brawler as #30 just to piss you off even more. over 50,000 mania tix sold and a network that will change your life for ever is about to launch, so just relax and enjoy the product the company gives you. By the way, didn’t you all shit on the wwe for the Sept – Nov ppvs last year and said you were done, but turned around to watch/buy the Rumble? Pittsburgh you were an awesome crowd and it was an honor to be in your building last night”

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  • Brenden Rhodes

    It wasn’t Batista… Batista would be cursing and this would be on twitter. it was Sheamus…. him and Triple H are workout buddies.

  • Brenden Rhodes

    it was either Paul heyman, Batista, Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane, Mysterio, or the Undertaker.

  • DaMirrorLink

    Oh, so I bought the Royal Rumble? No, I’ve NEVER bought a WWE PPV because of shit like this, I stream it. You don’t deserve my money for the shit quality you produce.

  • BryanMania

    ITS F’N BATISTA!!! Does anyone read the reports he mocked Bryan after The Rumble and pegged off fans! #LOGIC

  • JC Brioso

    Eat shit, he is probably a wwe mid carder who does not understand the business

  • shay

    its punk obvisly

  • Ronnie

    Personally I think that WWE needs to break away from the same old stuff. We got the old guys like Cena, Punk and Shamus. Compared to the next legends like Punk, Bryan, Cody and Ziggler. On top of that you got rising stars like Big E, Sandow, Cesaro and The Shield. The divas matches are cut short as hell. WWE needs to do a better job by letting these wrestlers tell their stories and create compelling matches.
    WWE is stuck in their way which creates issues between the company against the fans. It’s always been about money but they at least had some respect and creativity with the ideas to share with the fans and provide us great entertainment. The company has lost their edge and for us fans, we sometimes do sit back and watch these things unfold sometimes WWE succeeds, sometimes they fail miserably. We should slow down with Daniel Bryan but it its very damn hard not to when the WWE continues to taunt die-hard fans like me get short changed in some crappy PPVs and we’re stuck with another rusty performer like Batista or The Rock in the road of Wrestlemania. I get it but WWE we deserve better than this.

  • militarykoolaid

    Typical vet military brain wash. They r right everyone else is wrong.

  • Padre

    Smells like Batista

  • AlextheFly

    It shouldn’t be that difficult to figure the author out. Firstly the obvious stuff: looking at the incorrect grammar and punctuation (“dont”?)we can immediately eliminate CM Punk the grammar king. Similarly there is a distinct lack of wit to this letter, so we can presume Cena was not involved. I seriously doubt Rey Mysterio would ask us to give himself a break, so we can eliminate him too I think. All three of these factors also suggest it wasn’t Daniel Bryan, whose own comments have been directly at odds with the point of this letter anyway.

    So that’s who it wasn’t. Who was it? This is trickier: we’re looking for someone who’s rash enough to reel off a letter and send it to a fansite without authorisation (or proofreading apparently), but who is happy enough with his position in the company and the general creative direction to defend it like that. I’d also suggest a certain arrogance to be able to tell the fans (and Mick Foley) to go suck it. He says it was an honour to be in the Pittsburgh building, not necessarily wrestling that night, so this is something to consider as well.

    Considering the above, my frontrunners for author are Randy Orton (good position in the company, rash enough to break wellness policy twice, has previously shown a certain contempt for certain fans); Rick Flair (rash, comfortable in his position, arguments are slightly ‘here there and everywhere’); and slightly less likely given his position in the company, Ryback (spamming up the internet with random, badly thought through outbursts anyone?)

  • Anthony


  • CenationEvenStronger

    I think everyone forgetting the Bryan wrestled earlier in the evening and lost clean.

  • chainsawhandz

    People buy wrestlemania tickets before the card is ever announced. They are buying into the EXPERIENCE. Acting like that’s some kind of triumph that reflects the quality of the card is silly.

  • carlz

    Too cowardly to put his name to his words.

  • Thomas A Marcoux Sr.

    Ok if we all did relax than you all would no longer get paid cause the show is for us from you and as of right now it stinks

  • lou

    I was one of those made of the ppv back in september and November. I actually thought we the network launch and the beginning of mania that this rumble would be remembable. But the way it went I don’t think it will be a rumble to go back with the crowd chant like that. I hope the launch of the network will give out the best in future ppv and give what people want. One thing I miss about wwe that I think they should comeback is the small shows that came on tv live when they went to nyc port authority or Saturday night fight. Those days were awesome

  • Guru99

    Perhaps fans should just stop crying about it and ridiculously ruining other matches. Why make other superstars pay for it? It’s not their fault you idiots. By all means chant at The authority, but I gets boring when it’s allll night.

  • The Big Guy

    It was definitely the Big Guy. #RybackRules #EatSleepTweetDelete

  • Alex Kedikian

    JBL 100%

  • Sting, Stang, Stung

    OMG! Guys, It was Hornswoggle that wrote this. He is always the anonymous something or other…

  • D.Hungwell

    tl;dr version: “WWE listens to its fans so you fans need to shut up and eat your peas because we’re not going to listen to you, and the nice thing to do is keep being the marks you are paying for whatever we give you. Peace out, lov ya.”

  • Matt

    Wwe also has no competition so why does it have to be perfect , WCW is gone, ECW is gone TNA is no doing so hot so hot so as the only major wrestling org , ROH just underneath they don’t need to be the best right now

  • jamal

    Erik young is completely right another reason why superstars don’t come up is because they took the draft away and they dont have a smackdown roster or a raw roster, this is why smackdown ratings have gone down because of this and also because they made raw the a1 show. They are also not pushing stars with potential like dolph, wade, and so many others they’re just sticking with these old and past their prime wrestlers, like erik and I we enjoy watching the product more when the superstars get the push they deserve. True wrestling should fans hate what happened to cm punk and stand up just like this vet did

  • Matt

    I agree with them, should Bryan be in the main event at mania yes, should Batista ….prob not but these guys are here to entertain us fans but no need to say its a disgrace if you feel thst way stop watching it

  • Xavier

    I don’t think it was Cena who wrote this letter. Even though it was well written, Cena wouldn’t have used the word ‘shit’. The only problem I have with the WWE is that they keep ‘spares’ for WAY too long (Khali, Miz, Truth, Barrett to name a few). Yes, we need ‘filler’ in between the ‘real’ matches, but seeing the same joke wrestlers with their same joke moves is a 5 minute (at most) excuse for a trip to the bathroom. At least a 5 minute Divas match gives us something decent to LOOK at (miss you Kaitlyn). Punk is still the Best in the World, but he lost some points in his actions. A better way to have ‘gotten back’ or ‘made a statement’ with the bosses at WWE was to do something UNscripted and totally taboo at a televised live event (like when he called himself and Triple H by their REAL names a while back). He’ll be missed by me and others, but I don’t think he’s coming back. Not as a wrestler. Possible GM, or member of the creative staff? Hmmmmm……

  • Jake

    Yes it is scripted but it’s not a good script at that. Mind you it wasn’t only the IWC that’s complaining. The whole arena at the rumble complained. Wwe should keeping turning out garbage and it’s only a while before people tune out. It’s not reality yes it isn’t but give me an entertaining story.

    • Griffin Kearns

      The arenas in Philly, Chicago and 1-2 other cities are full of smarks. The casual fan is what fills the coffers in Stamford, and they don’t follow closely enough to know who was “supposed” to be in such-and-such scenario.

  • meep

    definitely ryback wrote this

  • Mike

    I gotta agree with the annonymous man a little bit on this. Rooting for whoever u want is cool, u dont always have to root for the good guy, or chosen guy. But the crowd hijacking segments because they cant get thier simple minds off of Daniel Bryan is ridiculous. These are the same people who were crying about Daniel joining the Wyatts and forced WWE to blow up the best plot theyve had all year.

  • IRShelpedmeavoidtaxes

    Almost certainly it was Randy Orton who wrote this. The clues are this, whoever wrote this was not particularly well educated, note the use of “tix”. The defence of the company indicates that it was someone high up. Also note the informal manner when referring to “Rey”. Rather than Rey Mysterio. Randy Orton also has a habit of being diatribic and even immature. However, in an act of foresight it could possibly be a “work” to utilise the vernacular phrase, designed to cause agitation. Therefore it might not be Randy Orton.

  • Hector Rivera

    DYou are a good writer Erik Young and never give up your passion. The people who condemn you here are hypocrite cowards who wish they had one tenth the passion you do abour anything in their lives. They are vacuous soulless mushroom people. For those of you who insulted his veteran status, as a veteran, I ask you to take a long looj ib the mirror and realize yoy are the reason that holocausts happen. You are the first member if the historical mass grave. Your societal bubble wilk pop soon and you will know what it means to get your hands dirty. Follow the buzzards little sheep.

  • NJBoyFLLife

    I agree with this letter! As disappointing as RR was, I must say that as wwe fans, we all turn to sites like Bleacher Report to get the inside scoop before we even watch the product. The fans in Pittsburgh and online were very anthat’s mynoying, especially the booing and random chants. Everybody is trying to out do NJ’s post Mania Raw crowd. Daniel Bryan not being in the Rumble March was no surprise to me given the obvious clues and scripts that were used (the whole concussion line was scrapped btw). My point is, we fans do need to relax. WWE is launching a MAJOR change in how we watch TV and in a few months, we’ll have a different opinion on what’s going on.

    P.S. – why the hell people shitting on Rey is beyond me. Why not Kevin Nash? JBL? El Torito? Hell! Even Kofi didn’t deserve a spot. It’s the same crap with him every year, “let’s see what circus act he can come up with?” Anyhow, that’s my opinion.

    • Mic Wazowski

      I take it you’re buying the network… waste of money enjoy it you puppet.

      • Ben Fuller

        And I bet your a daniel bryan puppet who kaps up every scrap he says acting like he is most important member of the wwe

    • Jay Rich

      Kofi didn’t deserve a spot? agreed with everybody else but Kofi. Kofi is a worker at least 3-4 nights out the week, unlike Batista, Brock, Cena. Kofi is on Raw, NXT, Main Event, & Smackdown.

  • Dan

    As a fan of the WWE for 30 years my 2ncents is this. It is merely entertainment. Reading others postings about how it’s an addiction makes me sad. It’s a tv show. It’s scripted. It’s quite simple, if you do not like the product you are seeing, turn it off. Don’t buy the merchandise. Don’t watch the ppvs. Am I exactly thrilled with the product these days? By no way shape or form. The product is stale like it was before the Monday night wars. But I understand they are in a transitional phase. Just be patient and stay tuned. Or don’t.

  • Griffin Kearns

    IWC Internerds can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Bryan is best served *chasing* the title, not defending it.

    • Xavier

      Definitely agree with that. He should be the Coyote, not the Road Runner.

      • richbo1

        I haven’t watched wwe since hell in a cell for that reason. This is the problem that the nWo had, its hard to cheer or even care about a wrestler when you know at the end of the day there is no payoff.

    • The Review Fox

      YEEESSSS! His best role, is as the perpetual ‘Underdog’! Happy to see I’m not the only who feels this way.

  • Matt

    No one is enjoying the product, that’s the problem

    • Ben Fuller

      Speak for yourself im enjoying the product for the most part. Change channels when new age outlaws the shield and randy orton come on tho

  • Jeff

    Sorry to burst this guys bubble but the fans are always right they pay his bills. By the sounds of the crowd and chaos on the Internet this clown is wrong. It wasn’t just the rumble match the title match before it got booed out of the ring and boring chants were louder then JBL. People are tired of cena vs orton holding 25 titles over the last decade. Cena sucks chants get louder and louder. Wwe keeps recycling like crazy and punk was right. 3 manias in a row will be main evented by non full time old used to be while young new talent keep getting made to take a back seat or have there characters booked to look bad. Wwe killed ryback sandow ziggler swagger and many others. Punk or Bryan have deserved a shot for awhile but we keep seeing orton and cena. Fans aren’t dumb and they are fed up with wwe not bring up the new good talent and/or characters reigns Rollins Wyatt Langdon ryback punk Bryan sandow cesaro ziggler deserve biggest pushes and wwe way to waste lesner with all the money your paying him not even putting him in the rumble or chamber to make it more exciting

    • Griffin Kearns

      Correction: the fan is always an idiot and is seldom, if ever right.

      • Mike

        Reason why Brock Lesnar isn’t in the chamber is because he believes he is better than that. He doesn’t need to face 5 other superstars in a chamber. He would destroy each of them tbh. Plus they want Brock Lesnar to face Undertaker at wrestlemania.

    • Ben Fuller

      Fans are never right. Put wwe in hands and full control for a month and I bet long before that month is ip wwe would be out of buisness.

    • Ben Fuller

      You mention we only get to see cena orton but how about for 3 months or so we were force fed bryan orton crap that didnt even have a proper rivalry just alot of screw jobs and even a titke that had no champion. Everyone uses cena as excuse to slam wwe but ignore the reason he has had career he has is because of his work ethic. All the charity work and his hard work giving his all without ever demanding anything. He even handed over his title opitunity to ryback against punk when brad maddox screwed ryback. Hand selected bryan cos he earned it when he could have picked an easy win. Wwe fans need to realise how hypocritical they are and stop demanding everything they want and accept what they get

      • xMisteRViciouSx

        Couldn’t agree more! Cena is the man and he has gotten better and better in every aspect over the years.

  • boboo

    This is def Cena u can tell by “it was an honor to be in your arena”

    • Travis

      the end sounds like him but the rest doesn’t sound like him he’s usually more of a politically correct person.

  • Jim

    This is literally the equivalent of a company like apple telling their dissatisfied customers that they should just put up with their shitty product. How fucking stupid can you be anonymous? Also the anonymous part is pretty cowardly IMO.

    • Griffin Kearns

      That’s *exactly* how Apple operates, and people line up to buy their shit every year. Likewise, for all the bitching and moaning that y’all do, we all know you watched the PPV *and* Raw.

      Cool story though . . .

      • Chris

        You are replying just to play devils advocate. If you really think the person who wrote this is right you are actually fucking retarded.

        • Griffin Kearns

          Lol. Actually I’m replying with the knowledge and wisdom that comes with running a business for over a decade.

          Nobody cares what a vocal minority thinks about the way that a multi-million dollar company operates (And yes, that Philly crowd is in the minority, along with cities Chicago who have unruly fans in *ALL* sports venues).

          Also: both Apple and WWE are the worldwide leaders in their respective fields. What’s more likely? That the people running these companies have no interest in selling their products and growing their brands, or that the internerds know what’s best regarding every aspect of the business of sports entertainment.

          I’ll take your answer off the air . . .

        • R.K.O

          I do agree with the person who wrote this and really the only people that really should be complaining are randy orton fans. He went from one of the most beloved superstars with people begging for title run to people flip flopping on him talking about how boring he is. Daniel Bryan worked his way up but I think people are forgetting that while he was doing that randy orton was here entertaining all of us ungrateful fans that will drop someone the second the next big thing comes out.

  • Kel

    People saying get a life = don’t watch this anymore = slump in ratings?? Theres no harm in wanting someone whos clearly the biggest star to be THE BIGGEST STAR! I’m not going mad like most of the people in the IWC but I can say I’m disappointed

  • Joe

    I don’t think it was Batista. He’s not very bright. Plus it talks about Pittsburgh being an awesome crowd and obviously Batista hated that crowd. It sounds like it was a fan favorite that got cheered at the RR. (Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk)

  • John

    Obviously I can’t say for certain but I could definitely see Kevin Nash saying this.

    • Travis

      agreed that sounds like something Kevin Nash would say if it wasn’t him i’d bet it was Batista.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous= Batista

  • Reason

    *Punk/Bryan wrote letter*
    IWC: He’s right guys, we need to chill and stop being little bitches and realize it’s not all about us nerds on the internet

    *Anybody else wrote letter*

  • Derrick

    Don’t tell me to relax Cena!!!! Grrrrr….

  • Clark Gable

    I’ll bet it was Batista. It’d be funny if Punk wrote it, though.

  • kongg

    Wow this is disgusting basically your saying stfu and just watch. I wish i knew who wrote this letter I’d look at them differently

  • Vinny F

    Plot Twist: Punk wrote this lol

    • Matt

      It’s not about Bryan it’s about the shitty dragnet product going back to 2007

  • Austin

    Get a job or something, you’re taking this way too seriously.

  • Austin

    The WWE should just give the title to Bryan, so they can give the IWC appeasement, and have Bryan go on a long and boring title run. He will win matches and never lose clean, use his same moves in the ring and give really phoned in promos where he yells to make it seem like he’s good in the mic. He will start acting too heroic and noble, and after a few months, he will then start losing supporters after they realize that he has a horrible gimmick, and a year later you’ll start hearing boos from the crowd, begging for Tyson Kidd to get a title run. In otherwords, give Bryan the title so the IWC can stop bitching for a few months, then eventually turn on Bryan or stupid reasons. In other words, make him John Cena 2.0. He’s not going to be any different than Cena if you losers get it your way. He’ll probably be worse. The IWC is the cancer of the WWE. Just a bunch of lame hypocrites who are never happy. Not excluding myself, I’m just a part of the IWC with some grasp of reality.

  • viper

    Its all fucking scripted so as he said suck it the fuck up and deal with it. If your that stupid to take it all as real life your truly a moronic piece of shit. The shit thats going on is actually making it more interesting…..contention and disention in the ranks make for a much better show. We arent getting the blood and violence we use to so take wtf you can get

    • Mike

      Yea I know its scripted but you saying wwe is getting more interesting? How? You bring Batista back smaller looking like a mini rock.. Triple H is the main reason why Batista was the winner of the royal rumble.. Hell if Roman reigns wanted to he could eliminate Batista. Triple h is just choosing favoritism.. Just like what cm punk said he is leaving the wwe. He should’ve left the wwe back in 2011. That shit what he said was real. Well I’m gonna be like him. He splitted just like I’m splitting. And I understand that you fans are gonna keep watching wwe but in a matter of time you gonna leave it just like I did. I’m a big fan of wwe but since we are in this nasty ass pg era I’m done watching it. Soon or later there will be no more Brock lesnar, no more undertaker. You still have your john cena’s, your randy orton’s. But there will never be another cm punk, Brock Lesnar or Undertaker.

      • Jay Rich

        Agreed Mike, hell, I thought it was interesting for Brock to be in the title chase, I mean he may be a part timer, but he has been wrestling more than 1 year. Its been 3 years & 3 PPVs. Agreed with Trips having his marking all over it. Some good (HOF ala Bruno, WWE Network, NXT) Some Bad (Outlaws as Champs, Burying Bryan). People shit on Taker for Wrestling once a year. Hell Takers earned that. I’ve never been a fan of Brock, but I gotta give him props for coming back home, even though he only wrestles at PPVs, he still comes back every so often during a weekly show to give a good show. IMO the main even for WM30 should have been Bryan vs Punk for the WWE Title. Dude to his contract it doesn’t look like Lesnar will be winning the title because he’s either wrestling Batista, Undertaker, or Batista & “The Champ”. Even with that, if Lesnar wins the triple threat main event, its a fact he’s going to lose the title to someone at Extreme Rules, and I don’t see no one else as a threat besides Batista.

  • Jack

    This isn’t good and if WWE has a brain they should weed out whoever wrote this letter and reprimand them accordingly. You can’t attack the fans because they are pissed at not getting what they want. Plus the person who wrote this obviously doesn’t fully understand the IWC. I never assumed Bryan would be in the title picture. But they dropped the ball big time on him not being #30. It could’ve been the biggest pop in over a decade.

  • Erik Young

    This is a fucking disgrace. I don’t know who this was… Probably Orton or some other doormat. Chill out and enjoy the product? Go to hell asshole. Fans pushing for what they want makes the product good. The attitude era is shining example of that. Keep shitting on us WWE… and I suppose Mick Foley is beyond laughable? That Punk is a bitch for standing up for himself? He said Bryan should be main eventing WM this year, and he’s gone because of the massive fucking ego of the brass. Titans fall, regimes crumble, and wells run dry. The fans are the lifeblood of your business. The circus crowds of the 80s are gone. We will not drink the kool-aid, we will not willing accept mediocrity. Orton, Cena, Batista, the unholy fuckin trinity of wrestling. Wrestling was never in a worse spot (aside from the steroid scandal) than when these fucks were at the top. Y’all been flying too close to the sun.

    • Geez

      Get a job or something, you’re taking this way too seriously..

      • Erik Young

        I’m a vet shitbag. The same passion I chose to display here was the same fucking passion that I defended this country with. I work 50+ hours a week and wrestling has always been a massive passion of mine. Oh I take this too seriously? Fuck you.

        • Patrick McCormick

          Who gives a fuck if ur a vet or not? Its not an excuse. Get a fucking life loser

          • Erik Young

            Thank you for your kind words sir. And its not an excuse, its a statement. I’m a passionate person who hates mediocrity. Wrestling is something I love with ever fiber of my being, as is my job, my friends and my wife. Its something i fell in love with a long time ago. If you were witness to something you love fall to shit, wouldn’t you be angry? wouldn’t you state your opinion in every venue possible? If injustice was taking place toward you or someone you loved , and some elected official or individual with power told you “to sit down, shut up and like it” wouldn’t you fight against it? Im sorry you don’t love something enough to fight for it. Cause if you did then you would understand the uproar. “oh but the Internet, the smarks, the strong wrestling crowds! They’re the problem!” I’m sorry I don’t live on the ball sack of Vince Mcmahon, but you seem to. So send me a post card

          • your bs

            Am I I the only one that thinks the story ur telling abou u being a vet is bs

          • Justin Velilla Baez

            If you we’re passionate about wrestling you would’ve been a wrestler. It’s scripted and you need to realize that there is “another episode” so relax your ballsacks. That’s an order.

          • Shut Up Stupid

            lmao @ that’s an order

          • Erik Young

            You are the problem. Not just with wrestling, but with society. People who tell others not to take things too seriously, those without passion or desire.

            Ive had a full life, I’ve been crazy, been addicted, been shot at, been shot, seen my friends die and came back to world that understood none of it. Why mention this? Cause some of the best memories i have of those guys that died is watching wrestling with them.

            The solace through my shitty childhood? Wrestling.

            The escape from days as a high school student battling addiction and suicide? Wrestling.

            How i got away from the world of shit I was in on deployment?

            The one vice I still have as a civilian with a stressful job?

            I enjoy every aspect of my life the best I can.
            Aside from that, this is more than just entertainment for alot of people. I’m a loser for loving wrestling? okay so are millions of others. So you good sir, find some passion and fuck off.

            Have a nice day.

          • Alexander Bartlett

            Omfg, it’s WWE. It’s scripted. Stop taking it so seriously, you wouldnt complain this much over a soap opera or another tv show.

          • Brooks

            I just want you to know someone’s right there with you. You got my respect too. Hang in there brother!

          • Ben Fuller

            No offence but you being a vet doesnt give you the right to talk down to people and get agressive in fact it should mean that you no better than to stup to someone elses level of insults. You being a vet is VERY respectful and is an honorable thing but that also doe not mean that you get to disrespect others. Wwe always is and always will be fake. It is also a buisness and they will do what they WANT. in fact im happy with what im watching aside from the shield crap and daniel bryan acting like he should be given main event every night every pay per view. But you are allowed your opinion and im allowed mine. You say tge fans are lifeblood of wwe there not. The lifeblood of the wwe is vince mcmahons vision to entertain and the fans sre the result of it. Fans didnt create wwe we watch what they provide. Uou dont like it dont watch it. And many off the fans like you all raging bout the bad gimmick of daniel bryan are falling into wwe hands. This is exactly what they want and it means there getting the reaction thry want. And all the raging fans are still the ones buying pbps and tuning in each week

        • Mac

          Don’t be that guy. I’m a vet. They way you watch wrestling and talk infers that you were probably navy or coast guard and worked in the kitchen. Then went home and play WOW all day. As ores of said get a life. It’s a male soap opera Jesus.

          • Carlos Vega

            WTF is ores? A character? If so then you must be the one sitting in your own muck playing that game 16 hours a day. YOU GET A LIFE YOU FUCKEN FAT OBESE CUNT.

          • Erik Young

            medic, 10nth Mount.

        • honest

          Erik- while I appreciate your service I think that you should really stop the finger wagging. Right now everyone is upset with the product, not just you. The problem is that we as the iwc would prefer to attack each other, our accomplishments and our lives than to focus our energy on exacting change within the product that we love. WWE knows that the IWC is important or they wouldn’t be dropping the netflix style network. I say we present a united front in boycotting this lame product until it becomes what we the consumer wants. Unfortunately even this respond will get a negative backlash and result in no solutions and our IWC voice not being heard. I know its a soap… but that doesn’t change the fact we want to be entertained as if we didn’t know. Lay off the Vet. His service is appreciated, but Erik please remember that your passion will not always be received in a positive way. #BoycottPG

          • Ben Fuller

            Im not upset at the product probably tge only ibe actually happy to see billy goat face daniel bryan getting put aside. The only thing im unhappy about is the shield continually being hand fed wins while teasing a split. Im delighted batidta is back was and always has been my favourite wrestler. But brock being back demanding a title shot when he cant even be bothered to grace us with a full time schedule is a joke. But that is wwe we always see things we dont like but doesnt change the fact its still fake

        • Shut Up Stupid

          Yeah. You’re definitely a vet shitbag.

        • Manny

          I know a vet who still lives in his parents house thanks for your service by the way. But still chill out. Not that serious.

      • Justin Velilla Baez

        Yeah I wish I could give you a medal

      • Shut Up Stupid

        What he needs is some p*ssy, Sometimes I like WWE, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I go out and f*ck b*tches. Disgruntled vet is more like it.

    • douglemcdirty

      You look like a fool right now. Just because you are a vet doesn’t excuse you from people calling you out for being a dipshit.

    • the real HH

      I like to see your passion. And I don’t like to tell people that they are wrong. Daniel Bryant CM Punk Rey Mysterio Jr.small wrestlers like thatshould never ever headline any pay per view. Let alone WrestleMania 30 are you kidding Daniel Bryan should be lucky he’s on the card. I’m glad CM Punk left. Those types of wrestlers are jokes. They should bring back the cruiserweight belt and let those guys fight for that. Let the real stars 260 pounds plus fight for the big belt.

      • you dont know shit

        And this is why your not running the company. Dumbass

    • Manny

      Damn son. Move out of your parents basement already.

  • B-m-h

    This is so true… fans should understand that this is entertainment… there should be a good guy, a bad guy and a victim… wwe is doing a great job

    • Jeff

      At the end of the day it’s all about the fans and the fans are tired of the last decade of cena and orton holding the titles over 25 times put together and the last 3 manias being headlined by guys who don’t work full time. Fans have the right to boo and be disgusted and by the sounds of the crowd I’m sure more people agree with me then you

      • B-m-h

        Yes they do… but these were the same fans begging to turn orton into a heel and give him top card matches… wwe did it since they listen to the fans but the management always look like the bad guy this happened when vince McMahon took control and now triple h… eventually they will do what the fans want but before that they want the fans to hate them and get angry so when they get what they want they feel like they made an accomplishment. Psychology 101 my friend

    • xMisteRViciouSx

      I have been saying this for months. Bryan will be WWE Heavy Weight Champion very soon. It will more than likely be a triple threat match at mania. Batista is not a draw for fans. Orton is losing all types of steam. Bryan will win at the chamber, become champ. The raw after mania, Orton invokes rematch clause Batista enters ring threatens Orton. HHH comes out says its settled announcing a triple threat for mania. Bryan comes out with yes chant and leaves. Main event for mania.

      • Jack

        I hope not. Bryan should win the title at WM not defend it. Id be happier if he won the chamber and orton stole the belts and disappeared until they settled on said triple threat in a cage or something. Not the best logic but then again wwe logic is near preschool level.

      • B-m-h

        This is actually the best scenario for the wm never really thought about it lol…

        • xMisteRViciouSx

          Ha. Glad you think so. There is no way they can fix mania now. The only saving grace is to have Bryan dominate at mania and beat the two bigger men. Riding his popularity to close out the year for wwe cementing the superstar of the year as a great. Raw would have so many ratings following mania. On top of that they could play off of the seahawks dominating Denver. That’s a one off situation but Bryan and the hawks are both from Washington.

          • B-m-h

            True even the hawks made a “yes yes yes” poster lol

  • Mic Wazowski

    Who ever this “Anonymous” guy is that wrote this is a dumb ass this letter makes me glad I don’t buy any PPVs from them.


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