Backstage News on Why TNA Released Frankie Kazarian

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– As noted before, Frankie Kazarian finished up with TNA at this weekend’s Impact Wrestling tapings. His release came because TNA simply did not want to sign him to a new deal. This is part of the ongoing cutbacks that have been going on since summer 2013.

The feeling was that Kazarian was making more money than TNA was comfortable paying him going forward. Instead of keeping veterans like Kazarian around, TNA is going with signing new, younger talents. It was noted that with the money they were paying Kazarian, TNA can pay for 2 new guys.

It’s said that money is tighter than ever for the company.

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Source: PWInsider

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  • ncbubba

    Roode/Kazarian/Daniels were the only reason I kept watching TNA, and now two of them are gone. Now that it is daylight longer, and my lawn mower has headlights, I will use the time slot to actually do something constructive.