Big E Discusses Meeting Bill Goldberg, Hardest Part of Being on the Road & More

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Big E recently spoke with The Record, while out promoting Monday’s RAW in Albany, NY. Here are a couple of highlights:

If he will be Intercontinental Champion on RAW tomorrow night: “I promise you that I will still be Intercontinental Champion.”

Meeting Bill Goldberg: “I actually got to meet him at a signing probably about 15 years ago. It was a really pleasant experience. He was really polite. It really demonstrated to me that you can spend 20 or 30 seconds with a fan and you can leave a lasting impression.”

Hardest part of being on the road: “Making sure you’re on time for your flight, getting into town, renting a car, you have to go to the gym, get food – It takes some discipline.”

Keeping up with family while on the road: “There are guys who are married and have kids. Just really having to get your work and personal life balanced, I think can be difficult.”

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