Details on Heyman Visiting the ECW Arena, Heyman Blu-ray Extras

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– Below are Blu-ray extras for WWE’s “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman” set that comes out in August, courtesy of For the “Touring the ECW Arena” segment, Heyman and a WWE camera crew went to the former ECW Arena when WWE was in Philadelphia for TV tapings a few months ago. Heyman reportedly toured the building and told stories for the segment.

Riding a Bike Down a Rooftop
Lending a Hand
Managers’ Fan Clubs
Austin Idol’s Manager
New York?
“I owe my career to Paul Heyman”
Needed Venting
Paul the Promo Guy
Mystery Partner
Program Money
Leather Bag
Sending ECW a Tape
No Show Groomsman
King of NYC
White Corvette
Supported by the Competition
Ended Up with Nothing
Touring the ECW Arena
Out with a Bang
Common Bond
Breaking Vince’s Desk
Baseball Slide
Creative Paul
King Kong
Because I Can’t
Dirty Laundry
Real Friends
Comical Paul
Kid’s Cutting Promos
Genius or Insane?
Genuine Friend

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