Vince McMahon Reportedly Down on Three New WWE Talents

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– It’s said that Vince McMahon, who still makes all the key choices in WWE, is still not completely sold on Bo Dallas, Paige and Adam Rose. Vince is reportedly not the easiest person to get to accept new people as top stars.

Rose being off RAW this week is a sign that they’re starting to cool off on his character. Apparently WWE producer Kevin Dunn recently buried Rose backstage.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • KREePyKiDD


  • ARTICFOX7000

    Can you picture Bray Wyatt the face of the WWE, my money is on Cesaro

  • Shane Flannagan

    I actually kind of like Bo Dallas and Paige. Not that high on Adam Rose but I think Bo Dallas is pretty good. I mean him and Bray Wyatt are brothers in real life so obviously both are better younger talents

  • Ravishing Rick

    Adam Rose, Bo Dallas and Paige together; DO NOT have the talent God put in a goose turd! Vince I was a fan long before WWF/WWE. Some bad characters and “talent” have come and gone. But my friend this is bad! Who wants to be a “rosebud and believe”? Really? Vince your the man! Follow that multimillion dollar talent gut of yours!

  • TheFreakyRobber

    I agree with Vince 100%. I didn’t ever BO-lieve in Bo Dallas.

  • Jacob Fox

    I love the Bo Dallas character because of how cheesy it is. I’ve been watching wrestling for 30 years and the current bad characters are no where near as bad as they used to be. I mean, at one time they had Duke the dumpster Droese, Doink and Dink, Mantaur, Thurman “Sparky” Plugg, Damien Demento, Friar Ferguson, Abe “Knuckball” Schwartz, Phantasio, Issac Yankem, Man Mountain Rock, the Fake Undertaker, Dean Douglas, Rockabilly… and many other within a two to three year period of time…. WWE has some lame ones now, but not nearly as horrible as the early 90’s.

  • Ben

    Bo Dallas is the worst wrestler I seen. When he run his belly jiggles. Who want to see that ?? He has no mike skills and he can’t wrestle. He should be outta here soon…

  • Boriana Williams

    Enough with the cheesy personalities. It’s only a gimmick to sell t-shirts. I flip through the channels while their waste 10-15 minutes with their flashbacks, highlights, interviews….I’m only interested in the match. John Cena for example….don’t care if you wave your hand in front of your face or wear bright 80’s colored t-shirts, beat some ass in the ring. Don’t care about your interview where someone interrupts (every time)….RAW is 3 hours but only one hour of matches….boring.

  • dxwillie

    bring back cm punk

  • Matthias77

    I never did & never will like Rose, dumb f’n character. Had Kruger in NXT for such a long time, but never got called up. Then this Adam Rose character comes out of nowhere and he’s immediately called up. Can you say WTF? Part of the reason no one likes him is because he’s wrestled like 1 match since being called up. He hasn’t proven himself to be worthy of a great crowd response. Bo Dallas MIGHT catch on. Paige was awesome in NXT, but kinda not so much on the main roster. I blame creative. She’s got the talent & I dig her look…the British accent doesn’t hurt either:) She was given the title before the majority of the Universe knew who she even was, much less saw how good of a wrestler she is. More people need to watch NXT, then these wrestlers would be more popular. Unfortunately you can’t have a WM type crowd every week, otherwise these 3 would be where creative thought they should be.

  • Lee Roy Ponke

    Vince is more about WWE being entertaining but the bad part is that most of its not entertaining unless youre a kid. Hes basically took his whole company turned it into a circus. Hes spit in the faces of the long time fans and said too bad if you dont like. He know thats hes the biggest US company right now and doesnt care what fans think because theres not many wrestling companies you can watch on TV so youre either stuck with WWE or quit watching all together. If you look back at how many fans were watching during the Monday Wars between WWE and WCW and now you’ll see many fans did just stop watching. They saw what was happening and just gave up because WWE was about “entertainment’ and not wrestling.

  • Franklin T. Baker

    I do not understand why they pulled Bo Dallas and Adam Rose from NXT to Main Roster when they have better talent in the likes of El Gener….errr Sami Zayne, Adrian Nevelle, and Sylvester Lefort.

  • jim

    How I miss “The Best in the World!!!”

    I still like to bolieve that he will at least wrestle again someday.
    Maybe part time or once in a while. or maybe with tna.

    Not sure. But they say anything can happen. YES!!!

  • jim

    How I miss “The Best in the World!!!”

    I still like to bolieve that he will at least wrestle again someday.
    If not with WWE than hopefully tna or some one else.

  • ARTICFOX7000

    Rose would work if he has the right creative, Paige is to young to hold the title, where is AJ?

    • Franklin T. Baker

      AJ is getting her CM Punk on.

      • ARTICFOX7000

        That we know, just wondering if what role she will have if she returns

  • steven

    the new talent in the WWE is lacking one thing! TALENT! they suck! But now I have more time for a Snack!

  • Ed L

    How about the WWE going back to the older days style! LESS talking and more action!

  • Josh Peller

    Paige is not interesting to me, but I do Bolieve!!!

  • Frederick Wright

    The Bottom line is the WWE needs more serious characters that have edgier gimmicks the “reality” era is not looking that great when you have jumping bunnies and trying to get people to BOOOOO-lieve in them

  • A Clever Username

    The internet loves Paige but if you’re honest, her matches are as boring and botch filled as the majority of the other diva’s. She’s dull as dirt. I don’t care what her background is. As of what I’ve seen on RAW, she’s nothing special. The live crowds agree as she get crickets most every time she tries to hype the crowd with her screams. Bo is meant to be dumb and annoying. Rose is pure comedy, but a level higher than preschool Santino type work.

  • Cornelius Maddox

    What happened to the vlolence in wrestling, no more blood. need better skits like the old days. bo dallas an adam rose has horrible characters. wrestling is about entertainment to everyone whose apart of the week of it. But people don’t like to see cartoon characters in a sport of wrestling. better story lines an fueds is what the WWE needs. from 2007 an beyond. Interviews should be better. Smackdown needs work. Raw should not be the only show running it. Now as far as Paige shes good an she can wrestle. But divas need to step it up. Why cant divas be as hardcore as male wrestlers sometimes. Trish stratus, Lita, chyna all of those women made marks in WWE . Natilya is doing the same. People like Alicia fox wrong character, good wrestler but wrong character an skit. Jbl is a good announcer but would love to see one more match if he could. Daniel Bryan good wrestler but Chants of yes an no are ridiculous why was that even started. WWE is supposed to be about Wrestling , entertainment an violence, What the entertainers are doing to each other is violence anyway. Steroids are gone perfect. Make it be about strength and what are these wrestlers willing to bring to the ring. Injuries cant be prevented. It can happen at any moment. But make a show worth seeing around the world and right.

  • Joe Schmo

    But……you all need to do is…..BO-LIEVE!!!

  • Will Ficek

    Bo Dallas is the younger brother of Bray Wyatt. Both are sons of Mike Rotunda. If you remember right . . . Husky Harris was boring as well.

  • Shane McMahon

    Bo Dallas is the most assinine gimmick I’ve seen in years. Holy crap is this guy annoying. Every time he’s in the ring, I’m wishing he get’s his head kicked in. I will never like this guy.

    • Emil Arndt

      it’s guys like you that make the wrestling world Rich !

    • Will Ficek

      Bo Dallas just should have shown up as Bray Wyatt’s long lost little brother. They are both sons of Mike Rotunda.

    • The Wall Breakers

      that is the whole point of the gimmick. If that’s the case, then his gimmick is working. You’re supposed to hate him and you do.

      • Ryan Lawrence

        I have the urge to change the channel which is not a good thing for a character

        • The Wall Breakers

          To be honest, I stopped watching, except for the PPVs because I have the network.

    • erik

      here is the crazy thing, he is Bray Wyatt’s real life brother


      if you hate his guts and want to see him get his head knocked in…wait for it….he is doing his job! they need more pure heels like that!!

  • Scott Miller

    Bo Dallas and Adam Rose are just more lame gimmicks and niot much else. Paige however bring a bit of true wrestling to the Diva’s division. I’m hoping Vince keeps her as she could be molded into a great wrestler. I can almost see Paige becoming something like Lita was.

    • Will Ficek

      Adam Rose was anything but boring when he wrestled as Leo Kruger.

  • Brad

    I don’t blame Vinny for not being completely sold on Bo Dallas and Adam Rose, they’re both a joke!! He needs more talent like the Shield and Daniel Bryan, ones that can put on a decent show.

    • Will Ficek

      I blame WWE for ruining the once promising career of Leo Kruger. The Adam Rose thing was their creation.

      • davyd

        that’s the wwe writers fault they keep comin up wit lame characters

    • Staminga

      Shield has about as much talent as 3MB! Nexus was better than Shield..WWE pushing these guys much too fast

  • Shawn Wolf Mckinley

    ok bo dallas is alittle weird yes but adam rose and paige are awesome and i like the change as for paige she is a fantastic wrestler and champion and i dont see aj lee returning due to the fact that her bf is cm punk and he has walked away lee wasnt a great champion in the first place

  • Fred

    They all 3 are mediocre at best. Rose is pathetic, Dallas is boring, and Paige is just place holding until AJ comes back.

    • Will Ficek

      Adam Rose is a pathetic character. But when the man wrestled as Leo Kruger . . . he was a force.


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