Original Plans for Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt at WWE Battleground

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– Bray Wyatt was originally supposed to defeat Chris Jericho at Sunday’s WWE Battleground pay-per-view but the finish was changed on Sunday and it was reportedly a Vince McMahon decision.

As of Saturday’s creative meetings, Wyatt was still planned to defeat Jericho at the pay-per-view. The two will be having their rematch at SummerSlam and then likely another match at Night of Champions before Jericho takes another hiatus.

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  • JokersNuts

    I know it was Chris Jericho’s big return match, but Bray Wyatt could have really used a big win like that

  • Typh39

    McMahon thinks Burying the Wyatts is best for business.