The Rock Talks Working on Fast & Furious with Ronda Rousey & Lesnar/UFC

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The Rock was asked if he gave any advice to Brock Lesnar prior to him joining the UFC in the August/September issue of the UFC Magazine. The Great One responded:

“I never spoke to Brock when he decided to compete in MMA. We’ve been good buds for years, and he always knew I supported his decision. To be able to accomplish what he did and become UFC heavyweight champion in that short amount of time was insane—historic.”

The part-time WWE Superstar was also asked about working with UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey:

“Ronda is one of a kind. She’s a champion with world-class drive and work ethic. And to be able to do what she’s doing—the drive of being a champion and then balancing that with the drive of being equally as good on the big screen—that type of ambition requires capacity, and it’s so cool to see her achieve and move mountains.”

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