Big Reunion Confirmed for Next Week’s WWE RAW, More Names

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– As noted, next Monday’s RAW from Portland, Oregon will feature a Birthday Celebration for the returning Hulk Hogan.

Scott Hall has been teasing a nWo reunion for RAW and it’s now confirmed that WWE has Scott Hall and Kevin Nash booked. There are plans for a nWo reunion segment with Hogan, Hall and Nash.

Other names booked for next week’s Hogan Birthday Celebration are Paul Orndorff and Ric Flair. Jimmy Hart will also be there as he’s part of Hogan’s current WWE deal. Other names are expected to be there as well.

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Source: PWInsider

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  • Dude mclovein

    and Lesnar shouts that he is a mercenary as Raw goes off the air.

  • Jinder ali

    WCW Chris Jericho WCW y2j theme hit returns
    Eric Bischoff
    Theme song hits says I’m back
    Jimmy hart
    Mean gean
    Nwo returns they sing happy birthday to Holgan
    Brock lesner comes with paul heyman
    WCW Chris Jericho WCW y2j
    Eric Bischoff
    Jimmy hart
    Mean gean
    Nwo returns
    They looks mad at paul heyman!

    • Mathew

      That’s sad because of paul Heyman?

  • Genrel

    Mike Awesome vs the miz
    Just kidding Mike Awesome is dead !

  • Genrel

    Disco Inferno teams up with fandango
    Disco Inferno dressed up as fandango
    As tag team !

  • Bradly super

    Chris Jericho should use WCW lion hart theme on raw and
    Chris Jericho returns as WCW lion hart Y2J with a new look!

  • Bradly super

    Bret Hart returns last!

    • Eric Aries

      Bret Hart should use wcw theme!

  • Bad news Barrett

    Randy Savage is retuning ?

    • Randy

      It’s his tribut

  • Jo Jon

    Sting and Goldberg

  • Jo Jon

    Damien Sandow As Eric Bischoff/
    Eric Bischdow

    • Daniel joe

      Damien Sandow dress up as sting

  • Chris mojo

    Chris Jericho returns as WCW lion hart Y2J with a new look

  • Anthony R.

    Would be nice if they brought Chael P. Sonnen is they will be in his hometown.

  • blunted316

    Ill be 10th row camera side on monday. Be waitingor months!

  • Hadtodoit

    Will Ultimate Warrior make an appearance?

    • cwade

      Dude he died….

      • Hadtodoit

        That was the joke…

        • bbarnes


  • James Bradley

    This should be when they bring in Sting….if you’re bringing back legendary rivals like Orndorff & Flair then Sting (still awaiting his official WWE debut) would fit perfectly. Id have the NWO guys come out and do “hosting”, bring out some of the others, then bring out Flair and have him introduce Sting.

  • donnyballgame40

    Looking forward to NWO reunion, its a great idea to boost rstings. Does that mean we get to see Hollywood Hogan. Prly not, lol, but wishful thinking never hurt.

    • Giahead33

      They should play the Wolf Pack music when they all come out!!!

      • Carlos Oliver

        They’ll probably play the original nwo music that Nash used for a while…

        • Giahead33

          I know, but i was a wolf pack guy and i just think it would be awesome….lol


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