Hornswoggle Attends Screening and Thanks Vince, Kidman Update

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– In an update from the earlier exchange between WWE producer Billy Kidman and Roman Reigns, Kidman tweeted that his “sense of humor” tweet was not directed at Reigns and the restaurant tweet was a rib at Reigns. Kidman received some negative tweets from Reigns fans and joked back with them. His last tweet on the matter joked and asked if we could all go back to burying Michael Cole now.

– Hornswoggle attended the official screening for WWE Studios’ Leprechaun: Origins movie last night. He tweeted the following:

“On my way to the official screening of Leprechaun:Origins! Insanely excited to kick off the buzz for this film! Making me the ONLY WWE Superstar to star in not one but TWO films in a year! Thanks @VinceMcMahon @WWEStudios and the whole @WWE Universe!!! Pretty good for a guy that was always told “you’ll never be able to do that”. Stared adversity in the face and never backed down!”

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