Kurt Angle Reportedly Calls Triple H and Vince McMahon

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– Kurt Angle recently made inquiries about returning to WWE. Angle spoke to Triple H on the phone and was said to be pretty much blown off. Angle then called Vince McMahon but Vince told him that Triple H makes the talent decisions now.

This led to Triple H being upset with Angle for trying to go over his head. This was all confirmed by Mark Madden, who had Angle on his show, and other sources.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • HUA87

    Unless there were some sort of discrepancy between Angle and front office before he left then I could understand, but as far as I know Kurt left in good standing before heading to TNA. We probably won’t really know the entire story, and it is hard for me to pass judgement upon Hunter, but I truly do hope that both parties can come to some sort of reconciliation because I would love to see Kurt back where he started. If this is indeed true then it really seems as though Vince has allowed Hunter a very very large amount of leash, and this man is only married into this business that Vince revolutionized and put all that he has into building it. Let’s just hope that decisions are made for the betterment of the business and not for personal reasons. After all, I thought that’s what Triple H was all about, knowing the business, possessing a great mind for this business and making those decisions that are best for it.

  • Vidfreek

    Swagger keeps getting buried by Rusev, who better to return and finally take him out.

  • Troy Alexander

    See that’s the thing Jack is nothing but a knockoff of Angle when Angle first started and not even a good one at that. However Angle’s return doesn’t mean that Kack has to be buried in fact Swagger could keep the real American gimmick and Angle could go back to being the wrestling machine he was before he left.

  • Moe

    Man i really hope Triple H changes his mind, Kurt would get a huge pop if he came back and could help put young talent over

    • Complex heel

      With WWE building Jack Swagger as the real american I can’t see Kurt Angle fitting. It would bury Jack too after he has just started to get his momentum back.

      • Oscar Porter

        not if they do it right they could have a good feud together at wrestlemania with swagger going over as probably a heel because no ones gonna boo angle at this point


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