Summer Rae Praises Stephanie McMahon, The Bellas Talk HOF, Natalya

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– The cast of WWE Total Divas was recently interviewed by LA Times Sports Now editor Houston Mitchell. Below are some highlights:

Brie, What do you have planned for Stephanie McMahon during your SummerSlam match?
Brie: A lot. I have a lot planned. I have been training so hard. The one thing I know is that Stephanie has a lot of power and a lot of tricks up her sleeve. But I’ve been in that ring for the last couple of years and I have been working hard. Plus, with Daniel Bryan as my husband, I learn a lot.

If you both get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day, who would you want to induct you?
Brie: I would love for Natalya [Neidhart] to induct us. We grew up together in developmental and have been on this long road with her in WWE and on “Total Divas,” so I’d really like her to do it.

Nikki: Maybe I’m being a little biased, but I’d really like to see John [Cena] induct me because he is so engaging and I’d really love for him to.

Brie: OK, maybe John and Daniel together.

Nikki: Yeah, maybe Nattie starts it and John and Daniel finish it.

Natalya, You are the most experienced wrestler of all the Divas. Do you have to hold back when you are in the ring with them?
Natalya: No, I don’t. Because the great thing is we all have so much confidence and we really bring everything we have into the ring. And we do a lot of training too, so when we get to the ring, it’s “Go time.”

Summer Rae, If you get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day, who would you want to induct you?
Summer: Stephanie McMahon. She is such a role model to me and a lot of the girls. Being single and being in the WWE, a lot of times I think that I can’t have a husband or a boyfriend or a relationship because there are so many things that I want to accomplish. But Stephanie breaks that mold. She is such an incredible businesswoman and so busy with WWE, but she is such a great mom. She has three beautiful children, she is in their life. So Stephanie to me embodies not having to choose things, which I think for me is very hard.

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