Warrior’s Widow Asks Hogan to Stop Commenting on Her Husband

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– The widow of Ultimate Warrior, Dana Warrior, is upset with remarks Hulk Hogan made to Grantland concerning her deceased husband. In the video interview that we posted earlier today, Hogan recounted his final encounter with Warrior, their contentious relationship, and how he learned of his shocking death.

Dana issued a statement on Facebook and Twitter tonight requesting that he not comment on her ex-husband. Her statement reads:

“Statement from Dana Warrior

“I’ve been really quiet since the passing of my husband and the father of my girls. Someone sent me what Mr Bollea had to say in video interview with Grantland yesterday and I would just like to ask him to stop.

“He is the only person in the WWE Universe who did not give a call or send a card. My girls asked why he didn’t check on us like everyone else and I explained simply there isn’t a camera at our mailbox or in the house when we receive our calls.

“I would ask respectfully Mr Bollea, for you to understand my girls hurt and just let some time pass before you say anything more.

“Dana A Warrior.”

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