Full Impact FC 2 Results – Ken Shamrock Loses!

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Thanks to Jordan and Dave for the following:

Murilo Bustamante vs. Jesse “Mini John McCarthy” Taylor

It doesn’t appear that the people in the audience are allowed to cheer as I see some people (tons of empty seats) but no noise at all. Bustamante is 43 years old and a former UFC middleweight champion.

It’s the first time McCarthy has ever refereed a Taylor match. Awesome moment as the ring announcer forgot the name of the local athletic commissioner and stopped, gave a “Whoo” like he was Ric Flair for a long time trying to remember, then admitted he forgot the name until he figured it out.

Weird finish. In the second round, Taylor got a takedown but didn’t do much damage, although some shots his the temple. McCarthy ordered a stand-up and Bustamante tried to get up and stumbled. He lost his equilibrium and McCarthy stopped it.

Dull first round, Bustamante probably won the first round as he went for a few submissions and but Taylor was never in serious trouble.

Now they are showing Josh Barnett vs. Geronimo Dos Santos. This was taped last week and Barnett won quickly. Barnett took Dos Santos down a second time, decided to start pounding on him. Dos Santos blocked most of the blows, but then Barnett turned him to the side and got several punches in. He didn’t hurt Dos Santos, but Dos Santos wasn’t moving and ref John McCarthy stopped it. Dos Santos complained about the stoppage. I guess if you go by the Lesnar-Carwin standpoint, it was stopped early but when a ref tells you to move, you’d better move.

Murilo Ninja Rua vs. Jeremy May

May has a nearly eight inch reach advantage and four inch height advantage. May hurt Ninja early and knocked him down with a left, but Ninja survived. May also tried a side choke. Rua finally got a takedown, then a second and a full mount, but May backdoored out. May got up and was exhausted. Rua grabbed a standing guillotine, dropped down holding the move into guard and May tapped out.

May said after he had a stomach virus but said it had no impact on the fight, although his stomach was hurting.

Denis Kang vs. Paulo Filho

Round one all on the ground. Filho dropped to his back and Kang went on top and stayed there the entire round pounding the body. Dull round with John McCarthy warning them but Kang did enough punches and elbows to the body to keep McCarthy from standing them up. Filho tried a sweep late but Kang blocked. 10-9 Kang.

Second round saw Filho get the takedown and held Kang down for more than 3:00 but did no damage, Filho got got a mount. Kang got a reverse and did more damage with one good punch from the top. Another dull round, the announcers gave the round to Filho but I gave it to Kang since he did more damage, whcih admittedly wasn’t a lot. 20-18 Kang.

Third round went back and forth on the ground. Pretty entertaining after kind of a dull first two rounds. Kang went for a few submissions but this time Filho was on top most of the round and did at least some damage. Thought it was Filho’s round solid. So it’ll come down to who the judges throught won round two.

Carlos Newton vs. Brian Ebersole which is a taped match from last week is airing now.

Here and the scores: 29-28 Filho, 30-27 Kang (huh?), 29-29 draw. Crowd thought Kang won, so did I.

The live crowd must appreciate how courteous Impact is to their television viewers in America.

Morris/Paleiei coming up.

I saw Tom Huggins and asked him “Rematch in Rio?” and he simply nodded and said “Yep.” So, expect Kang-Filho 2 in September if both guys agree to it.

Kang’s crew seemed disappointed about the draw, but weren’t particularly torn up about it. Meanwhile, the Brazilians kept asking everyone who walked into the red locker room “Who you think won? Who you think won?”. Filho’s manager Andre Bottino complained about the judges, as well.

Talked to Glover Teixeira. He said he took Peselj to the mat immediately because he could feel his body was tight because of the weight cut. Said when he went for the first arm-triangle, he could feel his arms cramping, so he knew he should just go back to full mount and punch him out.

Teixeira said the big issue with his weight cut was because his most recent fights were supposed to be at heavyweight, including his never-materializing fight with Jeff Monson, so he was a bit overweight. Vowed to get in better shape ASAP.

Jesse Taylor was in good spirits, wearing some really lame sunglasses. Jeremy May is out drinking beer in the crowd now.

Denis Kang is already out with the fans fraternizing. Meanwhile, Filho is still in the locker room, sitting in a black leather chair, staring intensely into space.

Shamrock is in his dressing room with the door closed. Some of his trainers have appeared periodically but Ken is pretty much sequestered.

Morris/Paleiei begins. We’re a long way from Lesnar/Carwin.

Conversely, Pedro Rizzo, who also has his own dressing room, has been hanging out in the red corner locker room hitting mitts for an hour.

Soa Palelei vs. Brad Morris

Palelei came out wearing a mask. He was supposed to face Bob Sapp but this promotion is doing so poorly that they canceled Sapp because of the cost of his flight from Europe where he’s doing a movie. Morris, who is from Australia, was called at the last minute. These two debuted against each other in 2002. Palelei won that fight as well.

Palelei wore Morris out with hard knees to the body, got the takedown and finished Morris with a Kimura late in the first round.

Weird little note about Soa Palelei: he and his team were wearing those strap-on foot coverings instead of shoes all week. A lot of the Brazilians took a liking to them, and went out in bought them. Possibly the new evolution in jiu-jitsu.

Acacio/Daley coming up.

Acacio’s workouts all week were centered on setting up a double-leg shot, transitioning to the rear waist lock, ground and pound on top, and leglocks. We’ll see if we see any of that stuff, or if Daley simply lamps him.

The thing that did concern me about Acacio’s workouts was that they did a lot of live takedowns while Cristiano Marcello simulated Daley with 14-ouncers and focus mitts. However, Marcello was throwing right hooks predominately, but despite Daley being orthodox, his left hook is his money punch. Acacio might fall prey to that same weapon.

“Big” John McCarthy will be reffing. Will Daley dare throw a suckerpunch here?

Fight begins. Acacio catches a low kick and backs Daley against the cage.

Acacio’s corner is gigantic. It’s like he brought every single Brazilian backstage out here with him.

Daley is really starting to land some winging left hooks on Acacio, but Acacio gets a nice takedown with 80 seconds to go. Probably too little too late, though.

Daley stands up using the cage.

Acacio motions the tape on his hand has come unraveled.

Only a few seconds left. Probably Daley’s round due to strikes landed.

10-9 round for Daley. Acacio showed he can get a takedown but he’s just not a physically strong guy and not a great technical wrestler either. Rock and a hard place.

R2: Daley goes for a spinning backfist. No deal.

Acacio pulls guard off of a blown takedown, and swings for a heel hook that Daley turns out of. At least he’s using what he trained to do.

The in-house monitors died right as Daley pulled out of the heel hook, so it sounded like everyone was in awe of the escape. Awesome timing.

Acacio on his back with Daley hovering. He decides to let Acacio up.

Acacio tries a takedown. Stuffed. Acacio catches another kick and catches Daley off-balance.

Now working inside Daley’s guard.

I doubt Daley is going to get up in these last 60 seconds unless Acacio really blows a guard pass. Should be 19-19 after two. Good tactics by Acacio in round two.

Daley grabbing for some kind of incredibly weak armbar attempt. End of round.

In the last five seconds of the round, Daley tried to get his hips up. It was like he was going for an armbar, but turned the wrong way. That’s what I love to see out of an elite welterweight.

19-19 after two rounds, I struggle to imagine much variability with the judges on that. Should all come down to this round here.

Acacio’s corner look like they’re on pins and needles. They know Acacio just needs this round, but they’re obviously nervous as hell.

R3: Daley might have lost some of his pop. Instead of letting Acacio up, he opts to go into his guard. Sign of fatigue.

Acacio taps out verbally from an elbow.

Daley seems less prone to assault when he wins.

That was a nasty right elbow from Daley. Split Acacio’s wig instantly, and Acacio instantly wanted out.

“Before I got to the UFC, I was doing just fine. My name was out there; I was fighting top guys. Everyone’s goal is to be with the UFC, and I feel like I did myself justice. I made a mistake, but there’s still paychecks out there.”

A Paul Daley quote from Thursday. Just food for thought.

“I know Dana likes money, and I’m going to keep bringing in fans. Somewhere down the line, he might want me back.”

Another Daley pearl.

45 minutes left for a fight that shouldn’t last five. You lot at home are going to get to see a lot of stuff from the Brisbane card.

Rizzo vs. the World’s Biggest Danger to Himself coming right up.

This fight is happening because Impact FC promoter Tom Huggins was told by pay-per-view companies that they wanted Ken Shamrock, so he used Ken Shamrock.

Ken Shamrock vs. Pedro Rizzo. HERE WE GO!!

Pedro is out first and here comes KEN SHAMROCK!

Ken Shamrock is currently in the middle of filming a Christian documentary about his life and career. The triumphant ending is supposed to be his win over Pedro Rizzo, showing what happens when you give yourself over to Christ.

The crowd seems into Ken.

This song Shamrock is coming out to use was used in an old highlight of the John Polakowski-Olaf Alonfso 1 fight.

I don’t give Ken three minutes. That’s some sad typing.

Shamrock’s corner are all incredibly amped. Look like they’re going to jump out of their skin. Meanwhile, Rizzo’s cornermen Claudio Coelho and Glover Teixeira look like they’re asleep.


Ken with a high kick. Pedro catches and tosses.

This crowd absolutely loves Ken. I sense sadness coming their way.

Ken losing his aggression now that Pedro is opening up. Hands are quicker. Ken doesn’t know what to do with the kicks.

Rizzo with another kick that Ken is flinching at. It’s getting ugly.

Jab, right cross, low kick. Jab, right cross, low kick. Getting more and more rough for Shamrock each time.

Ken takes a knee. Pedro wades in and throws a few to end it.

Ken didn’t look terrible for his age, but there’s just no way he’s dealing with that kind of ammunition.

Shamrock went down off an outside leg kick, then just took a feeble knee while Rizzo pummeled him under McCarthy stepped in for the mercy stop. Shamrock’s knee has buckled. It’s over.

People want to see Ken in competitive fights. He probably should have fought Elvis.

Ken’s nose is pointing in odd directions.

The crowd encouraging Ken to continue. You’re not helping, people. He says the crowd answered that and as long as people want to see him fight he’ll keep coming in and gettng beat up. That’s really what he said. Legacy ruined LONG ago.

VIDEO: Ken Shamrock’s KNEE BUCKLES – OUCH!!!