UFC 117 Live PPV Results Coverage Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

Dennia Hallman over Ben Saunders
Stefan Struve over Christian Morecraft
Tim Boetsch over Todd Brown
Johny Hendricks over Charlie Brenneman
Phil Davis over Rodney Wallace
Rick Story over Dustin Hazelett
Junior Dos Santos over Roy Nelson
Matt Hughes over Ricardo Almeida
Clay Guida over Rafael Dos Anjos
Jon Fitch over Thiago Alves
Anderson Silva over Chael Sonnen

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For best results, reload this page every 2-5 minutes.  All fixes should be done by now which should help this from crashing as last time.  If all goes well I’ll keep same format for the TNA PPV on Sunday.  Post comments below on the PPV.

Dennis Hallman defeated Ben Saunders in 3 rounds 29-28, 30-27, 29-28

Stefan Struve vs. Christian Morecraft

Round 1: Morecraft starts off the fight with punches and throws Stefan Struve to the mat. Struve tries to break off Morecrafts lead with a guillotine but it doesn’t work. Morecraft gets back to the lead with punches, repeat mailings.  Struve ends up bleeding from the mouth towards the end of the round. Morecraft gets 10-8 on this round

Round 2: Starts off with Morecraft once again with heavy punches.  Struve does hit a counter attack knocking Morecraft hard, following a bunch of punches which causes the referee to stop the fight. Struve then celebrates.

Stefan Struve defeats Christian Morecraft via TKO on round 2.

Tim Boetsch vs. Todd Brown

Round 1:  Tim Boetsch starts off the fight with a bunch of kicks on Todd Brown. Boetsch hits a hard knee to the head followed by a kick to the head and then an uppercut.  As soon as Brown recovers he quickly moves away. Boetsch wins this round 10-9

Round 2: Todd Brown leads off this round pressing Boetsch against the cage.  Both land punches jabs and kicks at each other.  Brown hits off with some leg kicks and Brown hits off a hard knee to the head.  Afterwards Brown gets a hook on Boetsch and the round is now over. This round won by Brown 10-9

Round 3: Brown again is aggressive with the start of this round throwing various hits. Boetsch does eventually get a takedown to change the flow of the round.  Boetsch beings to hit a few punches on Brown while Brown is working his way back up to his feet.  Boetsch counters this with a 2 uppercuts in a row.  Shortly after Brown counters and attempted to get  Boetsch with a takedown but was countered with Boetsch getting the takedown.

Tim Boetsch defeated Todd Brown in 3 rounds by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Johny Hendricks vs Charlie Brenneman

Round 1: Starts off with both men clinching and tossing punches at each other.  Hendricks hits Brenneman with some knees while Brennemen keeps one hand on the ground.   Brenneman gets a punch combo on Hendricks but he quickly backs out.  Brenneman takes Hendricks down but to no avail.  Ref has them stand and Brenneman starts off the offense with punches and knee hits and takes Hendricks down once again.  Round over with Brenneman getting a 10-9.

Round 2: Quick round, Hendricks starts off this round with punches dropping Brenneman down. Brenneman gets back up and a repeat  After awhile the Ref steps in.  Hendricks gets a TKO on Brenneman.

Johny Hendricks wins this fight with a TKO in 2 rounds.

Phil Davis vs. Rodney Wallace

Round 1:  Davis starts off this fight/round with a high kick.  Davis then ends up defending against Wallance and getting a takedown on Wallace.  Davis then nails Wallace with punches and elbows. Davis continues to throw off some elbows and punches on Wallace and attempts to mount a few times during this round.  Davis gets this round with a 10-9.

Round 2: Davis starts off this round as well with a high kick and taking Wallace down. Davis tries to mount but instead moves into side control.  Attempted a submission but was blocked off by Wallace.  Wallace shortly after gets back up but is taken down again quickly by Davis.  Davis has Wallace’s arm behind his back and a  then drops some elbows. Before the end of the round Davis hits Wallace with a bunch of punches.  Round ends with Davis getting a 10-8

Round 3: As with previous rounds, Davis opens up with a high kick to Wallace eventually followed by a kick and punch taking Wallace down again and again.  Davis looks for a Kimura a few times during this round and round ends with boo’s.

Phil Davis wins this round unanimously with 30-27, 30-26, 30-27.

Dustin Hazelett vs Rick Story

Round 1: Rick Story starts off this fight with punches to Hazelett who then gets on him and gets slammed by Story followed by punches by Story.  Both men stand with Story then getting back on Hazelett throwing punches at him.  Hazellet then gets taken down with Story getting some side control. As soon as Hazelett gets back  up he gets taken down once again.  As soon as they both Stand up Story hits Hazelett with various punches taking him down once again. At end of round Story takes down Hazelett again.  Story wins this round 10-8.

Round 2:  Quick round with Story opening up with punches on Hazelett who attempts to cover what he can. Hazelett looks all beaten and the ref stops the match.

Rick Story defeats Dustin Hazelett in 2 rouds with a TKO.

PPV Portion of the event now starts with the following card:

  1. Heavyweight bout: Roy Nelson vs Junior dos Santos
  2. Lightweight bout:  Clay Guida vs Rafael dos Anjos
  3. Catchweight bout:  Jon Fitch vs Thiago Alves
  4. Matt Hughes vs Ricardo Almeida
  5. Middleweight Championship bout: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

FYI, each match for the PPV has an American fighting against a Brazilian

Roy Nelson vs  Junior Dos Santos

Round 1:  Match starts off.  Nelson hits Santos with punches and aims to get a takedown on Santos.  Santos hits a stun on Nelson which has him fall backwards. Nelson takes a big hook by Santos and then backs up with a large uppercut.  Nelson falls and eventually fires back at Santos but Santos gets back with with big punches on all sides.  Santos wins this round with a 10-8 with Nelson holding on against Santos’ punches.

Round 2: Kicks off with Nelson moving in at a punch on Santos.  Nelson tries for a takedown but to no avail. Santos then tries for the punches followed by some weakier punches.  Soon after Nelson tries a takedown but also to no avail.  Santos wins this round with 10-9

Round 3: Santos starts this one off.  Nelson gets hit with an uppercut and a punch by Santos.  They toss jabs to each other after a takedown attempt failed by Santos.  Towards the end of the fight they trade punches on each other.  Santos wins this round 10-9.

Junior Dos Santos defeats Roy Nelson in 3 rounds unanimously  with 30-27, 39-26, 30-27

Matt Hughes vs Ricardo Almeida

Round 1: Starts off.  Both men are tossing kicks at each other.  Almeida  gets dropped by Hughes via a hook and Almeieda is choked out via a wrestling move.

Matt Huges defeats Ricardo Almeida in 1 round via submission

Clay Guida vs Rafael Dos Anjos

Round 1: Both men start off this fight swinging hooks.  Anjos attempts a head kick but is blocked, Guida attempts one of his own which isn’t blocked.  They trade off various shots.  A takedown is attempted on Guida but is blocked with Guida attempting one of his own which gets defended.  Anjos once again attempts a takedown but to no avail. Anjos then goes for a few kicks and punches, uppercut and Guida gets taken done. Anjos wins this round 10-9.

Round 2: Anjos hits Guida with a leg kick and a hook.  Guida nails Anjos with a taken down to win the round with a 10-9

Round 3: Guida attacks Anjos but no lands, however later on gets  a takedown and a slam. Guida nails Anjos with knee shots and pushes Anjos against the steel cage which causes Anjos to tap out.

Clay Guida defeats Rafael Dos Anjos in 3 rounds via Submission

Jon Fitch vs Thiago Alves

Round 1 : Match starts.  Alves gets thrown to the mat by Fitch and then moves to keep a  hold on Alves and then pulls him down. Alves gets back up and fitch has a grip on Alves tossing him down.  When Alves once again gets back up he throws a bunch of hard punches.  Fitch gets some knee hits on Alves, attempts a takedown but fails.  Just before the end of the round another takedown attempt is taken by Fitch and lands. Fitch wins this round 10-9.

Round 2:  Alves hits some punches on Fitch knocking him down, attempts a guillotine but doesn’t finish it off.  Fitch gets Alves down hits him with a few punches, Aves gets up again only to be pulled down once again by Fitch.  Fitch attempts to put a grip on Alves but to no avail. Alves tries some punches on Fitch. Round ends with Fitch winning 10-9.

Round 3:  Fitch hits a leg kick after Alves pushes towards him. Alves follows-up with a few punches and a kick to the head.  A takedown was attempted by Fitch but it was avoided by Alves.  Fitch does however grab Alves waist and pulls him down.  Alves lands a few punches on Fitch as the round ends with fitch 10-9.

Jon Fitch defeats Thiago Alves in 3 rounds unanimously 30-27 for all 3

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

Round 1:  Silva hits some counter punches when Sonnen moves foward towards him. Silva catches a kick that Sonnen attempted to hit him with.  Silva gets staggered by Sonnen from a punch followed by another punch from the clinch.  Repeat punches on Silva from Sonnen. Both get up and then Silva gets hit with more punches and eventually a takedown by Sonnen.  More and more punches are unloaded on Silva via Sonnen causing him to win the round with a 10-8.

Round 2: Starts off with Silva kicking Sonnen, however Sonnen catches it taking Silva down. Silva scores a grip on Sonnen while Sonnen tries to break out of it. Sonnen then throws some punches towards Silvas face, although they are light punches. Later on he does start to throw some harder punches.  Sonnen hits some elbow shots on Silva who tries to grab on to one of his arms.  Sonnen wins this round with a 10-9.

Round 3: Silva starts off the round with some hooks.  Sonnen gets a takedown on Silva and then hits him with repeat punches right on the head. Sonnen controls Silva throwing punches t0o Silva’s body.  Sonnen and Silva continue to exchange blows, and then the round ends with 10-9 on Sonnen.

Round 4: Sonnen gets a few punches and a kicks from Silva getting staggered.  Sonnen goes for a takedown attempt on Silva and pulls guard. Sonnen is on top of Sonnen but Sonnen gets back up on top pounding on Silva. Sonnen hits some punches onto Silva.  Sonnen wins this round 10-9.

Round 5: Sonnen has a large cut above his eye.  Silva avoids some attacks from Sonnen.  Sonnen has control of the beginning of this round, attempts a choke on Silva but doesn’t work out. Sonnen hits Silva with some fists and punches.  Silva hits Sonnen with a triangle and an armbar which causes Sonnen to tap out.  Sonnen said that he did not tap out but the match is over.

Anderson Silva defeats Chael Sonnen via submission in 5 rounds.