Winters Storm

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Still trying to figure out this new website that we have to write our articles on, so I have no clue why at the top it is linked to someone else’s article, I am working on figuring it all out. Due to the Labor Day Holiday and a sickness, I am doing this kind of article. The less I write the better….I bet some readers would love to comment on this format. Anyways, this article is in tribute to the wrestlers we have lost so far in 2010. None of these video links are of my creation, although I wish I would have made them. Jamal, these videos are in inspiration to you in a different sort of way that is. I can only hope that no more will be added to this list anytime soon. Hope everyone had a great holiday…next week Winter’s Storm returns to its normal format-for the most part…….

Luna Vachon Video Tribute

Lance Cade Video Tribute

General Skandor Akbar Video Tribute

Chris Kanyon Video Tribute

Ludvig Borga Video Tribute

Angelo Poffo Video Tribute

Gene Kiniski Video Tribute

Tony Borne Video Tribute

And just cause I love you fans, this is especially to you..and my opinion of wrestling right now…

If you haven’t seen the new trailer to Cena’s movie, here is the link to that as well….

John Cena New Movie Legendary Trailer

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time…..