DX Promoting WrestleMania, Zack Ryder Wants a US Title Shot, More

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– The pre-sale code for WWE’s SmackDown live event on December 28th in Detroit, Michigan is HOLIDAY. The pre-sale begins tomorrow morning.

– Shawn Michaels and Triple H will be in-studio with the Jorge Sedano Morning Show in Miami, Florida tomorrow morning fro 9:30am until 10am to promote WrestleMania 28 and the tickets going on sale.

– WWE is doing an angle where Zack Ryder is using a petition on Twitter to try and get John Laurinaitis to give him a United States Title shot against Dolph Ziggler. Here’s the description from Ryder’s petition:

“Even after I beat Dolph Ziggler last week, Interim GM John Laurinaitis refuses to grant me a United States Title Match. Are you serious, bro? You guys have supported The Long Island Iced Z and helped make my YouTube show awesome, so I’m hoping you’ll support me once again by signing my Twitter petition to force John Laurinaitis to give me a U.S. Title Match. WWWYKI!”

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