Goldust’s Thoughts on WWE’s Best Diva, Linda’s Presidential Endorsement, More

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– Goldust, who trains the WWE Divas, was asked on Twitter today who the best Diva in WWE is. He believes current Divas Champion Beth Phoenix is the best. Goldust also commented on his job with WWE and still talks about a feud with brother Cody Rhodes:

“I love being apart of producing….whether the beautiful divas or the guys matches….love what i do….dont count me out of a cody buttkick

To pass on my knowledge to other youngsters in the biz is a treat for me….knowin what i know and lovin what i do…wwe the only place to be

And even while producing, i miss and hope one day i get to rearrange my brothers face”

– Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon announced today that she will be endorsing Mitt Romney for the 2012 US Presidential race.

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