New WWE Game Online, WWE Optimistic About FCW, Network News, More

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Some more notes from today’s WWE shareholders call hosted by Vince McMahon:

– The current distribution deal for RAW lasts through October of 2014. Regarding WWE being able to use RAW content on the new Network, they are still having talks on the window of time involved but Vince noted said that the short answer is yes, RAW content would be used on the Network.

– The change in creative direction going into Money in the Bank was brought up and how things calmed back down after that. Officials were asked if the reality-based booking would continue or if something else contributed to the big buzz being stalled. Vince responded that he didn’t understand the question and feels that WWE still has a buzz around their brand, a buzz that continues to build. Vince is as optimistic today about the future as he ever has been.

– Vince laughingly said the company feels 99-100% of their talents in FCW could be the next “The Rock.”

– THQ will be launching a WWE game on Facebook soon.

– WWE’s tape library currently has around 100,000 hours of footage with 30,000 hours digitized, which will be used as the first programming for the new Network.

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