Kofi Kingston Discusses the Elimination Chamber Match and Chris Jericho

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– WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston was interviewed by The Ottawa Sun to promote tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Here are a few highlights:

Chris Jericho:
“Chris Jericho is very entertaining. I used to watch him in WCW and he’s a big reason why I got involved in wrestling. He wasn’t the biggest guy and I wasn’t either. So when I saw him on TV, I knew I could do this. It gave me a sense of mind that I could make it.”

“As a fan, I liked him. But I don’t care too much for him as a person. The cocky antics you see in the ring are the same as the way he acts backstage.”

The Elimination Chamber Match:
“The Elimination Chamber is definitely an opportunity for me to become WWE champion. My goal is to hold that championship. I always believe in trying to be the best. The match is different than any other match — in a steel contraption, with pods. It’s a combination battle royal and elimination match.”

*SPOILER* Huge Swerve Planned for Tonight’s Elimination Chamber Main Event…