Recent WWE Attendance, MMA Fighter Interested In Joining WWE, Kozlov

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– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on March 23rd in Lakeland, Florida drew 5,000 fans for $165,000
* RAW on March 24th in San Juan, Puerto Rico drew 9,800 fans for $385,000
* SmackDown on March 24th in Bowling Green, Kentucky drew 3,500 fans for $100,000
* RAW on March 25th in Charlotte, North Carolina drew 6,500 fans for $210,000
* SmackDown on March 25th in Nashville, Tennessee drew 6,500 fans for $200,000

– This could be an error in advertising but former WWE Superstar Vladimir Kozlov is being advertised for the RAW live event on June 23rd in Wheeling, West Virginia.

– MMA fighter King Mo Lawal, who was fired earlier this week by Dana White, is interested in going to WWE. Lawal is a pro wrestling fan and has expressed interest in joining WWE in the past. WWE’s Gerald Brisco recruited Lawal years ago but it never worked out because he was interested in going to the Olympics. After not making it to the Olympics, Lawal settled on MMA.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter