Bateman’s Profile Removed, The Rock Talks GI Joe, Heyman Helping Lesnar Out?

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– The Rock spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how the new GI Joe movie that opens in late-June is different than the first:

“I can tell you this one is creatively much different [from the first],” said Rock. “It’s rooted, it’s grounded, it’s real. The studio came to me and I loved the idea of starring in the movie because I grew up on G.I. Joe and it’s a massive property. I spoke to the studio and they told me about the creative shift that they wanted to make with the movie, which made it easy for me to sign on.”

– WWE has removed Derrick Bateman’s profile from and his profile has also been removed from the FCW roster page.

– Mark Madden recently said on Chairshots Radio that Paul Heyman has been helping Brock Lesnar with his promos since returning to WWE. However, Heyman has not been re-hired by WWE and as previously reported, there is no plan in place to bring him back.

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