Kevin Nash Rants on the WWE Hall of Fame, Says WWE Released a Friend of His

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– Kevin Nash went on a long Twitter rant about WWE and the Hall of Fame on Thursday night. Nash says the WWE Hall of Fame means nothing to him. Here are some of his comments:

“HOF means nothing to me,If I Die before it I,ve asked my wife to pass.Nothing against it or WWE,but if Pete Rose ain’t in cooperstown”

“Just don’t need it to validate my life.I wake every morning to the sight of the ocean. for a Detroit boy I’m already in”

“I watched it this year from up close,just don’t need the stress,I love the WWE,just love me more.90% of my shout outs are gone.Not cool”

“Don’t worrie some stooge at WWE;who’s job is to read all this shit will as of tonight’make sure it never comes up,let alone happens”

Nash was accused by a fan of drunk tweeting. He replied that wasn’t the case. Nash says he was upset because he just found out that one of his “dearest friends got let go today from WWE.”

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