Full Details On Former WWE Creative Writer’s Live Shoot iPPV

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This Friday, June 1, Kayfabe Commentaries will present their first-ever iPPV hosting YouShoot Live with former WWE, WCW and TNA Creative Head Writer Vince Russo from the Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, NJ. You can order the event by signing up for a free WWNLive.com account, where you can then order the event. Kayfabe announced:

“The “YouShoot” DVD series has been a magnet for the lighning rods of the business to answer fan submitted questions and videos, and generally sound off about all things in the wrestling world and beyond. The groundbreaking series produced by Kayfabe Commentaries allows fans uncensored access to the guests, who have agreed to “answer it all.” In this “YouShoot: LIVE!” setting there is the added element of the live audience who will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Vince Russo, the former booker/writer of WWE, WCW, and TNA, was positioned as the pro wrestling “Golden Boy” during the vaunted Monday Night Wars. He fell under both great praise and also criticism after making controversial decisions like creating increasingly risque angles and putting a world heavyweight belt on himself. Russo has for years been quiet about much of the mud slung in his direction, but on June 1st he will open himself up to all questions and commentary from fans and everyone in the wresting world.

Kayfabe Commentaries’ co-founder and president Sean Oliver says that the Russo live event will have the attention of the entire wrestling universe. “Vince has generated more genuine, old-school heat in the past 20 years than anyone else,” he began. “But beyond that, there’s no denying his effect on the major companies. Forgetting his heel booker role on TV, his offscreen involvement alone caused millions to tune in, hundreds of newsletter writers and bloggers to write his name daily. That kind of organic attention is so rare.”

You can sign up and order Vince Russo’s live YouShoot by clicking here.

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