Chris Jericho’s Tour, Shane McMahon, WWE’s New Trademarks

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– The trademarks which WWE applied for, “Raw Active” and “#Raw Active,” for their online chat rooms and social media networking during RAW shows will start being used next month when the three-hour shows begin.

– As previously mentioned, Steve Austin’s new TV show “Redneck Island” debuts this Saturday night at 10pm on CMT. Replays will air at 1am as well as 6:30pm on Sunday. James Storm’s entrance music, “Longnecks and Rednecks,” is the theme song for the show.

– Former WWE executive, Shane McMahon’s YOU On Demand company will ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ stock market on Friday at 9:30am in Times Square in New York City. (Thanks to DJ Flem)

– Chris Jericho performed in London Wednesday night with Fozzy as the semifinal act under Ugly Kid Joe. On Thursday, Jericho and Fozzy performed in Wolverhamption. Their next performance is on Saturday at Download Festival in Donington Park.