Winters’ Dismay

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I hate to say it, but I wasn’t surprised to find out that Randy Orton was suspended once again due to a violation of the wellness policy. The rumor is he tested positive for Dianabol. He first tested positive for marijuana, and when that happened, the WWE ordered another drug test for other substances which is when Dianabol was discovered in the second test. Strike number two against the man that has a multi-year contract deal with the WWE. Will this suspension mean his push will be put on an indefinite hold? If you were the owner of the company would you put stock on this man and hope he won’t fail for a third time? You also need to remember he was suspended some years ago for unprofessional conduct (even though it was for an illegal substance) so in reality(our reality anyways), and just a bit after that incident, he was suspended for a wellness violation “officially” (first time-after the policy was enacted) in my eyes, he is on strike three and should be fired from the WWE. He has also been in hot water with the WWE prior to the Wellness Policy being enacted on other “infractions” so it goes without saying, the man has had more chances than not to get his sh*t together. Apparently he hasn’t learned his lessons from the past. I wonder if Vince will even let Orton win anymore matches when (if) he returns to the squared circle. If I were in charge, Orton would be jobbing out for a good solid year and even then he would be on a short leash. He has had a stellar career in the limelight and is pissing it all away. I would imagine Vince will keep him under contract because to let him leave and go to TNA would be a huge move for TNA if that could happen for them. So really, it should be a short leash for Orton and jobbing out for the next year to guys that have been doing it most of their career. And that’s being generous…

That brings me to another suspended wrestler and that’s Rey Mysterio. His first violation was in 2009, and since late April of this year he has been serving suspension number two. He tested positive for amphetamines. The claim is he was taking a dietary supplement in order to lose weight and those may have contained a small amount of amphetamines. Hmmm, his first violation I recall he said he had a prescription, which he never could produce. This time around it’s a dietary supplement? You would think if you are an athlete and know that you could very well be tested anytime of the day, you would investigate a little further before ingesting anything that could lead you to lose your pay check. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way. With Rey, he has been injury prone too. Should the company keep him on? I think they should do what I suggested for Orton, job him out to other guys that have been doing the job for most of their career. It would serve him right. Or just sh*t-can the injury-prone performer and be done with him.

Then we have Matt Bloom, oops sorry, Prince Albert, oops, A-Train, oops, Lord Tensai, oops, now it’s just Tensai. Not sure what to think about him. I had figured they were going to try to work him up as a monster, and they did for awhile, until that is they paired him with Cena. That didn’t go over so well. So the company went from Lord Tensai, to just Tensai. They also dumped his outfit and helmet from his character. Will it help? Is it Cena’s fault? Is it Bloom’s fault because WWE doesn’t know what in the hell they are doing with him? Maybe it’s just that he isn’t all that charismatic. A monster he may be, but if the charisma isn’t there, the interest in the character won’t be either.

So far, with about a week and a few odd days left for the No Way Out PPV, there is only 3 matches lined up. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship…I am not understanding why they had to throw Kane into this mix. Punk and Bryan are fully capable of putting on a hell of a match by themselves. Putting Kane into this just doesn’t make a lick of sense to me…there is also Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship…Much as I do like Del Rio and what he brings to his matches, my thought is because I have heard it sooo many times over, the WWE is making Sheamus their go to champ for a long time to come….then we have Cena vs. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match…the thought here is Big Show will walk away with the win, after interference from the outside. Course, the WWE has made a lot of guys seem unstoppable in storylines and then pair them up with Cena and all of a sudden have Cena come away with a victory. If you are promoting Show as a beast, don’t let him lose to Cena in a Steel Cage, have Show utterly destroy Cena. But that’s just my opinion.

Looks like Brodus Clay will be back to destroying jobbers in his matches…meh…

Hey where in the hell is Kharma? Is the WWE going to let her sit out this contract of hers and not utilize her talents in the Diva’s division? If they bring her in, I may just have to watch the division. Right now, I can’t stand to watch any of these so called Diva’s they make my stomach churn every time they are in the ring…so WWE pull your heads out of your asses and give us Kharma!!

Just a thought about Ryback..will they gear him as a Goldberg clone and have him have a 200-0 record? (just because he was in Nexus two years ago, the suits in the company don’t think we remember him as Sheffield, so his record as such probably doesn’t apply here)…If the monster name doesn’t apply to this guy, I don’t know what does…has he been Wellness tested lately??

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……