From a Shadows perspective – Masked Warriors

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Well it’s been a long time. I tend to disappear for periods at a time. But I am happy to report that it appears I am now cancer free. But it has taken its toll on me. But with a little help I hope to make a full recovery.

You know when I was there taking the damn radiation therapy and getting the life burned out of me I started to think of masked wrestlers. I couldn’t for the life of me remember if I ever saw Mr. Wrestling II actual wrestler. I remember seeing him in wrestling magazines and he always intrigued me but I never actually saw him. If not mistaken I do believe he was a heel. He was mostly NWA and Florida championship wrestling. Let’s see I always dug the masks of the guys named Grapplers, there was like 3 or 4 of them, but they never once won a match. I have no clue how someone could be in NWA or World Class wrestling and go an entire career without winning a match but there you have it.

Then there were others, I doubt many readers will remember the Great Sasuke. He was the Great Muta before Muta got famous. Jeez I miss when Muta had hair back in the day he was simply incredible. I always rooted for Muta to beat Sting or most wrestlers. I loved the green mist he spit out.

I wonder whatever happened to Shark Boy? I think I saw his name around last few years.
In doing some research I found that The Missing Link was actually a masked wrestler in a tag team named The Crusaders. I thought that was pretty cool. Also Kamala wore a mask as well and called himself Superfly. Again just some cool tidbits. I know Dirty Dick Murdoch wore a mask for a short time but cant for the life of me remember as who. I miss that SOB!

I was a huge fan of Mr. Olympia over in Mid South. I remember him with the Junk Yard Dog back in the day before Dog joined the WWF and was made into a joke. So many sold their souls for a brief glimmer of TV time. It was sad to watch. And I realize as I write this that many of the readers here may not have a clue as to who these people were, but I suggest you YouTube it or Google it. Because if you don’t know wrestling’s past how can you understand it as it is now and its future? The past was better, because the past had soul. Today wrestling lacks soul on so many levels.

I remember the Executioners as well, Nikolai Volkoff the teacher of the Russian Cicle to Nikita Koloff and his partner Killer Kawolski. Heck I think Ivan Putski wore a mask too. I miss those people and those times. Next I think I’ll write a column about the little black glove that was supposedly loaded with steel and would knock out any wrestler with one punch. Ahh chaos and wrestling at its finest.

If you want to see where I hang my hat I am in SFT. We are having our annual Lethal Lottery next month, if you are into role playing games then come on over.

Goodnight and God bless