Winters’ Dismay

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I hear from the rumor mill that the WWE has decided to release Kharma from her contract. Is this really true? Are you freaking kidding me? The one chance that the “Model-Divas” Division had to become something worth watching has been kicked to the curb. If this doesn’t show how idiotic, stupid, and pathetic the WWE has become, this is it. Enough if Kharma isn’t a so called great looking woman in many peoples eyes, she has more talent in one arm than all the Divas put together-except for Beth Phoenix and believe it or not, AJ. I can’t understand why the WWE would let a talent like this escape. She always put on a hell of a performance in TNA and never even had a chance to show anyone what she could do in the WWE. I am hoping this is just a rumor and will not pan out, but with some of the ridiculous decisions the federation has done in the past, this is another one that bewilders me to no end.

Another thing that has me bewildered is Buff Bagwell. He was arrested on Monday July 9th and charged with reckless driving. Does this man have a death wish or something? He was in a serious car accident on April 23rd and was probably pretty much healed and this happens. You would think he would take it easy and be cautious while in any motor vehicle after that. Maybe he is in the mindset that he is invincible and can do anything since the April incident. One can only wonder what is going through the man’s mind, it certainly isn’t smarts.

Has anyone missed Randy Orton since he has been suspended due to the wellness violation last month? I can say with utmost honesty, I haven’t. Course I haven’t really taken a lot of time to miss the man anyways. The WWE is covering his absence considerably well. I’ve noticed they have given CM Punk and Daniel Bryan a ton of time to progress that storyline and with the addition of AJ in the mix, it has gotten quite good. Now I admit, having AJ didn’t seem like a good idea at the beginning, but it seems to me it will keep us fans guessing as far as who she will side with come the next PPV. Even I am caught off guard with this storyline. Maybe it’s because I like all three of the wrestlers that are in this right now. Will it be time for Daniel to turn face (and win against Punk this Sunday) and then have Punk turn heel and continue the feud in that direction? I wouldn’t have a problem with that storyline at all. But look to the MITB match that has Cena in it and you might see this entire thing change.

Speaking of this coming Sunday and the PPV, I will state my opinion who the winners of the suitcases could be….Sheamus vs. Albeto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title…Sheamus will be the winner. It seems as if the WWE is still making him a long term champion, so the possibility of him losing is very unlikely. They could stretch the feud a bit longer even going into Summerslam. There is nothing wrong with Del Rio, I just don’t see him winning the belt again, he’s good enough without having to have the belt around his waist.

Tag Team match, haven’t done enough with this division for me to care about who wins it….

For the MITB World Heavyweight match, I could see Christian winning it for a future chance at the title-he’s a proven champ and is a wiz on the mic, but he is the IC champ. With that being the case and him turning face, I doubt he would be going against Sheamus. The odd man out that would completely blow my mind to win, would be Tyson Kidd. I would be stunned, but not overly surprised if he walked out the winner. He is a great in ring performer and it would be a great boost to the Hart dynasty, would it happen? Problem is, not enough people know who the guy really is. So, who will more than likely win the match? My money is on Cody Rhodes. He made a name for himself with the IC Championship. To have the MITB suitcase would only help him achieve main event status. He deserves it.

The WWE Championship MITB is another story….I don’t want Cena to win, but my gut tells me the WWE wants him in the title picture again. Chris Jericho would be great if he finally won something of significance since coming back to the WWE. His promos are always gold. But as I said, my gut is Cena will win. If Cena wins this match, Punk will keep the title, turn heel and those two will go against each other for the title for the rest of the summer. Ick…I want Punk to keep doing what he is doing with Daniel, one can always hope that will happen…

The 1000th Raw show is just around the corner and it’s supposed to be shaping up to be a good one. Lets hope it’s not being over hyped and turns out to be a sucky show. History has shown us that they can completely screw the pooch when it comes to something that was supposed to be the end all be all show of a lifetime. Only time will tell…

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……