Winters’ Dismay

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After a few days of processing the whole 1000th show of Raw, I have a few thoughts on what happened during the show. First and foremost, just a quick comment on the reunion that kicked off the start of the show between DX. It was nice to see most of them in the middle of the ring, kind of harkened back to the good ole days. HHH, HBK, Billy Gunn, Jesse James, and X-Pac (no surprise that Chyna wasn’t part of it, due to her controversial present life) put on a good showing and it was just nice to see them all together again and not just HHH and HBK as what we have been relegated to in the most recent past. They all looked great as well, I was almost thinking the guys we hadn’t seen in awhile were gonna look overweight and bloated, but that wasn’t the case. The rapport between all of them seemed genuine and looked as if they were having a hell of a fun time in the ring. It was fun to see them if only in this one shot deal.

Lets move on to the “wedding” between AJ and Daniel Bryan. Hello Slick!! If anyone truly thought this wedding was going to happen, I got some ocean front property to sell you in Wyoming as well. I didn’t really see AJ becoming the general manager on Raw and I’m sure not too many others did either. Good twist to say the least. This will lead to a face turn for Daniel that much is certain because AJ will make his life a living hell for some time to come. She’s a woman scorned, and hell hath no fiery like a woman scorned. He treated her like garbage for so long that the only way to reel him in was doing this to further the storyline. I think it’s a pretty good way to go. Bryan is a great in ring worker and turning him face will help him go against some other guys that he hasn’t faced. Plus with the heel turn of Punk (more on that later), it could help the two to keep the feud going between them as well (for a little while anyways). It’s great that the WWE is continuing putting Bryan on camera for us fans to enjoy. I hope they keep it up….YES, YES, YES!!

CM Punk is now a heel once again. Cena didn’t win the MITB cash in match against Punk because of interference by the Big Show. And after the GTS to the Rock (who ran in to save Cena from Show), that pretty much cemented Punk into number one heel status in the WWE. I would imagine this will set up a match between Punk and Cena at Summerslam with Show thrown into the mix. In my opinion it shouldn’t be for the title, it should just be a street fight between all three competitors because of all the turmoil that is happening right now. The title shouldn’t come into this at all, that way Punk will still retain but bring up his stock in the company which would lead into the Royal Rumble match between he and the Rock (as Rock specified on Raw, he has a title match at the Rumble-how?? Ya got me….) It is with high hopes if that match does come around, that Rock doesn’t win the title, he isn’t around enough. I have to assume if he would win it, he would retire it and then a tournament would be set up for Wrestlemania to determine the next champ. Just remember you heard this theory here first. All in all I am happy to see Punk back to being a heel, course he could be anything in this federation and it is fine with me, he is the best in what he does and that is entertain us fans.

The Miz is now the IC Champ…hmmm…interesting choice. Seeing as how he has never held this title, I suppose it isn’t a bad choice. Although, whenever I see Christian lose a match and a title to boot, I hate it. Christian has always been my guy to root for. Maybe the title will change hands between these two in the foreseeable future, I can only hope that is too true. The Miz is very entertaining in the ring and does a hell of a nice job with it, but so is Christian. I am still reeling from this IC loss of Christian, so it will take some getting used to. I see a Summerslam match between the two for the title.

The return of Lita, the APA (and the clothesline from hell), Animal, Vader, well lets just say the guys that Heath Slater has been dealing with for the past several weeks was something to behold on Monday night. I marked out big time when I heard that famous word from Ron Simmons (after the clothesline from hell and a Lita-sault to pin Slater) DAMN!! I loved the segment, too bad it’s probably the end of seeing the legends in the ring decimate Slater. Or is it the end? One can only hope it isn’t.

Kharma confirmed on Twitter that she has been released by the WWE…going from one of the best Raw’s in a long ass time, to one of the dumbest decisions the federation could do. Kharma could have revitalized the women’s division…sad, just plain sad….

With the release of Kharma, I bring up another rumor going around that Matt Morgan might just be returning to the WWE. Will they sign him and not use him and let him sit on the sidelines? Or would they bring him back only to have him stutter again. One can only imagine what the writers would have in store for the man that could be a future title holder in the WWE if they do it right that is.

It is my hope that at Summerslam the WWE doesn’t have HHH vs. Brock Lesnar as the main event. The thought of that would be ridiculous. We go months without seeing Lesnar and when he does show up, HHH tosses him out of the ring in seconds and Lesnar looks weak with that happening. Course having him job to Cena did the same thing. You would think the man that was the UFC Heavyweight Champion would be shown as a power house and an unstoppable creature of the squared circle. But no, they dropped the ball on that one, they will drop the ball again when Summerslam rolls around because HHH has too much pull in the back and there is no way in hell he would job to Lesnar.

I am told I should watch TNA because of new champions and new situations in that federation. I honestly keep forgetting to watch the show on Thursdays. By the time I remember, the damn show is done. Maybe next week…

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……