From a Shadow’s perspective – The past and the LWA

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There is this sense of electricity in the air.  I am not sure how to explain it.  You’d have to go to a show to know what I mean.   The only feeling I can compare it to is perhaps being at a heavy metal concert.  I remember being at a Slipknot concert years ago.  As  the lights dimmed and you hear the old ladies voice that meant they were seconds from taking the stage, there was this adrenaline rush, this sense of fear and excitement because you knew at any moment all hell was about to break loose and you were gonna be smack dab in the middle of it.  Loving every violent moment.  Ahh is there anything better than being a great mosh pit?  I think not.


But going to a wrestling show has changed.  As a child my first wrestling event was in Reynosa Mexico.  I don’t remember much of the card but I remembered Mil Mascaras being in the main event and winning of course.   As I grew up I went to a few other Lucha events.  My first American event was World Class Championship Wrestling.  It’s where I first fell in love with American wrestling.  It’s where I first saw the Von Erichs, first place I saw Dingo Warrior aka Ultimate Warrior.  First place I saw Ric Flair, first place I got a glimpse of The Great Muta.  I remember going to the gym at Pan American University and seeing Kevin Von Erich vs. Ric Flair though I really wanted to see Kerry Von Erich.   A few months later I went to a different show and got to see King Kong Bundy.  He let us take a picture with him and was really nice to us though he always played a heel.   


Last week I went to an LWA show, for those who aren’t familiar it’s not Latin World Order though that was a cool stable.  It was Laredo Wrestling Alliance.  And the only reason I went was because Raven was on the card.   I hadn’t been to an event in a long time.  But I became a fan of Raven when he was in WCW and he and Vampiro along with ICP and the Great Muta was the short lived Deadpool stable.  During that short time I became a fan of ICP, and I had always been a huge fan of Raven and Vampiro, and I had always been a long time of Muta.  The ticket was only 5 bucks and well you can’t beat that for entertainment value.  The match was a bit short, most of the wrestlers on the card I had never heard of.  They had a meet and greet earlier in the day at a comic book store named Kaboom comics but it ended up not happening.  While I was at the show I thought it would be a cool idea if I told someone with LWA that I was a columnist for TWNP and if possible I wanted to interview the wrestlers and get something cool to post on twnp besides just results of matches.  I took my cell, pen and tablet to write on, but when I got there and told them what I wanted to do, they ask for my reporter credentials and I told them I had none.  I offered to show them my column here but they quickly said they’d get back to me but no one ever did.  Too bad so sad.  I won’t say much else.  But any publicity for them would have been good and instead of just giving me some info on their promotion or letting me speak to any of the wrestlers they decided to just not take me seriously.  Ahh well no use crying over it now. 


But anyway I was glad to be at a show again.  It was fun.  Though honestly speaking I would never go to a WWF show, oops sorry I meant WWE.  I still can’t get used to saying WWE.  Well I guess that’s all I have to say today. 


You can find me at  we are currently almost done with this year’s Lethal Lottery, yes it’s like the old WCW thing they used to do, except we have a new drawing after each round so it gets extra Lethal and way more fun.


Goodnight and god bless.