Love Hate Relationship

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Welcome to the first installment of Love Hate Relationship. Every column, I’ll break down a few things I LOVE and a few things I hate about pro wrestling currently. My name is Brandon Ward, I’m also know as King James as an independent wrestler in around the Evansville, Indiana area, since 2001. Follow me @BowtoTheKing6 on Twitter. Let me have some feedback. Now onto some Love……

LOVE: Team Hell No. If nothing else Team Hell No has brought back some character to a much needed bland WWE roster. Daniel Bryan has proven to WWE higher ups that he can survive in any situation WWE throws him. That’s something that I haven’t thought, since Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

HATE: The fact that WWE seemingly can’t build a legit tag team. The tag division when ruled by 2 random wrestlers put together does nothing but take away the credibility of an actual TAG TEAM.

LOVE: WWE New programing. Main Event and WWE AM, have both contributed solid shows in their first few episodes. AM reminds me of WWF Superstars. The matches are more kid friendly, which is exactly where PG wrestling makes sense. Early Saturday morning. While Main Event gives you a solid dose of wrestling that somehow RAW can’t fit into 3 hours.

HATE: WWE AM, not showing the impact of moves!? Can anyone explain this decision? I noticed last week’s episode Cut the impact of Zack Ryder’s “ruff ryder” and Randy Orton’s “RKO”.

LOVE: The way the Briscoe Brothers have evolved into the most entertaining team in pro wrestling. These guys promos are GOLD. If you pay attention to their promos notice, that minus a few F bombs these promos could be on WWE TV. At this point “DEM BOYS” are the only legit born and bred tag team,that could make anyone care about the WWE tag titles.

HATE: The way Rhett Titus has been used since Kenny King and Ring of Honor parted ways. ROH could have literally made Rhett, the Tommy Dreamer of Ring Of Honor. All it would have taken is a blistering promo from the former ROH student. A promo somewhere along the lines of, how he is Mr. ROH. This is the company that made him what he is today, etc etc. BOOM! You have a singles, main event level babyface instantly. Instead Rhett is teamed with B.J. Whitmore for no apparent reason.