Love/Hate Edition 2

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Brandon Ward aka King James, back with another edition of Love Hate relationship. Don’t forget to hit me up on Twitter, with thoughts, arguments and feedback.

Love: That C.M. Punk is a heel again, even be it a slow heel turn at that. No one on the mic can infuriate an audience, and actually make them dislike them more effective, than C.M. Punk. When your talent roster is depleted of legit babyface main eventers, the best way to make em is to have a guy everybody hates feud with them.

Hate: That WWE remains in PG hell. The true C.M. Punk heel needs to be edgy, and make people think. This is a hard feat to succeed with, when you must be “PG”.

Love: The pairing of Rey and Sin Cara. The most difficult thing to do when you’re learning a new style of wrestling, is to compete 1-1. The chances of getting lost in the match and “botching something”, greatly reduces when you have an experienced tag partner, that when struggling you can tag out and regroup, instead of pressing.

Hate: That WWE continues to put tag teams together without giving them matching gear. Guys, time to drop the egos. You’re in a tag team, you need to look alike. The worst part about it, is WWE has an onsite seamstress that can make them matching gear. RIGHT ON THE SPOT!

Love: The rumored American Wolves reunion. This is the best tag team in wrestling, especially workrate wise. They can elevate every other tag teams they step in the ring with. Ring of Honor has never needed a 2nd legit tag team, like they do now. The tag division was the life blood of ROH. S.C.U.M. and The Headbangers are not gonna get the division back there. A huge ploy by Paul Heyman when ECW was generating huge interest, was make sure ECW does better what WWE doesn’t do well. The tag division is a blaring WEAKNESS in WWE. Thats a huge in for ROH, to give tag team wrestling fans something to focus on.

Hate: The current Ring of Honor tag division. This division, not much more than a year ago was unquestionably the best tag team wrestling we had seen in 20 + years. Since the Midnight Express, Rock N Roll Express, Freebirds, LOD era. Fast forward to now, the only thing going for ROH’s tag division is The Briscoes, who are on such a different level of every other tag team in the company, that their matches almost seem unfair. Let’s hope for a Briscoes vs American Wolves feud to bring this division back to prominence.