Jake “The Snake” Roberts Denies Being Intoxicated At Indy Wrestling Event

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We reported last week that WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently appeared intoxicated at a show for the Coastal Wrestling Federation in La Marque, Texas. According to fans in attendance, Roberts appeared to have been intoxicated and went to the ring early for a scheduled match with independent wrestler Johnny Blade.

Jake spoke to Raj Giri of WrestlingINC.com and denied being intoxicated at the event, although admitted to having two beers in the locker room. According to Jake, he had a disagreement with the promoter earlier in the day when he was presented a three foot snake to accompany him to the ring. Jake noted that it would look ridiculous, and refused.

He also admitted to having the match moved up to earlier in the show, stating that he wanted to return early to Atlanta to see his kids. He also said that the reason he went to the ring early during a mid-show promo by Blade was because that Blade was calling him out during a promo. He said that he told the promoter that he hasn’t wrestled in a long time, and it was agreed beforehand to be a short match. Roberts said he hit the ring, nailed Blade with a couple of punches before hitting him with a short clothesline to end the match.

As noted earlier, Roberts recently moved in with Diamond Dallas Page to train for one more pro wrestling run, which will be filmed for a documentary. Roberts is using Page’s DDPYoga program, and agreed to be drug tested while he is in the house.

“Bottom line is, everybody wants the comeback story,” Page recently told Newsday. “Everybody wants to see Jake look good, and feel good, and not be a mess anymore. That would be great. I think there are a lot of really positive things that can come out of this if Jake really does it.”

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Author: Steve Carrier

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